COVID-19: NYSC Anambra Employs Stiffer Measures

By Adejumoke Alebiosu

Mr Kehinde Aremu, the Coordinator, NYSC Anambra State and Chairman of the COVID-19 Prevention & Compliance Committee, held the pilot meeting of the team.

At the meeting, Aremu informed members of the committee and the newly inaugurated COVID-19/ Sanitation Vanguards that they are being saddled with the responsibility of enlightening the camp community on the prevention as well as enforcing the compliance with COVID-19 safety protocols; whilst also stating the likely challenges to be faced by them in the discharge of their duties.

Mr Kehinde Aremu (middle front) with members of the committee and the newly inaugurated COVID-19/ Sanitation Vanguards

He pointed out that it is possible to continue our normal lives despite the prevalence of the virus all around the world, if only we abide by the safety protocols laid down by the NCDC which includes; wearing our face masks, constantly sanitizing our hands and cleaning frequently, used surfaces, maintain respectable social distance.

He reminded the committee of all the media through which the virus can be contracted and how to prevent this: by encouraging social distancing, frequent application of hand sanitizers and a motivation to always keep a clean environment.

He mandated the members of the committee to give all necessary support to the Vanguards, to help them achieve the stated goals.

He further went on to answer questions concerning how to efficiently communicate sensitization through available media and the best strategy towards relentlessly being vigilant, helpful and communicative to camp residents about the risks of the virus and how to prevent it.

In attendance were the Camp Director, Camp Commandant, Head of Publicity and Protocols, heads of the NCDC, NDLEA & camp security, alongside the newly inaugurated 2020 Batch B prospective COVID-19/ Sanitation Vanguards and other notable officials in attendance.