Covid-19: Anambra Govt Arrests Man Who Sneaked in from Lagos

By Ikeugonna Eleke

THE Anambra State government has arrested an indigene of the state, Mr Vincent Chukwuma, who tried sneaking into the state on foot at the boundary, after returning from Lagos State.

The Anambra Government had once classified Lagos as a high risk state for the coronavirus pandemic, urging residents to report any of their neighbours coming in from there. Lagos State has remained on the top of the chart of states with the highest number of COVID-19 patients, with a daily rise in the number of patients.

The man was intercepted by the State Commissioner for Transport, Dr Christian Madubuko, at Amansea, a border town between the state and Enugu, while walking on foot through the road barricades at the boundary.

Madubuko who was at the boundary to enforce its closure, was speaking to the state’s taskforce on the need to ensure that the boundary remained closed, when the man was sighted walking past, and was accosted by the commissioner.

Madubuko told journalists, ‘This man here came in from Lagos, defying all the inter-state boundaries, but we just caught him.

‘I have notified the State Commissioner for Health about this man, and he is on his way here. We will only release him if the Commissioner for Health examines him and certifies him free, else, we may have to quarantine him for 14 days.’

The arrested man claimed he was a truck driver and that he had set out from Lagos last night and parked the company’s truck in Enugu, coming into the state to drop some money for his mother.

‘I am a truck driver. I am from Anambra State. I am just coming to the state to drop some money for my mother, after parking my truck in our company in Enugu. I am not sick, besides, I was checked (with infrared) in most of the borders while I was coming from Lagos. I was also made to wash and sanitize my hands at all the borders, while I was coming from Lagos,’ the man claimed.

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