COVID-19, a Lesson for Nigerians


Fellow Nigerians, notwithstanding all the difficulties and frustration of the moment, I have a dream. It is a dream that is deeply rooted in every Nigerian that whatever has a beginning equally has an ending.

I have a dream that whether from the deserts and of the North, or of the grassland of the savanna belt or of the forest land of the Atlantic south, that this coronavirus/covid-19 pandemic certainly will be subsided.

I have a dream that this virus which has caused uncertainty and disdain in various parts of the world including Nigeria, has an expiry date. The virus has come and it will certainly leave. Anything that is happening in one’s life, in a particular nation or the world has some lessons for us which I believe is preparing us for something stronger and at same time giving us reasons to be at alert at all times.

Nigeria as a nation has learnt her own lessons which I will highlight and explain vividly they are as follows:
Uniting Families: COVID-19 pandemic brought back cordial relationships between parents and their children, their relatives and love ones. It made fathers and mothers to value and show loved to their children in all ramifications.

The emergence of curfew also strengthens the bond especially in the lives of those parents who stays out late.

Bringing Nigerians Back To Their Foundation Farming: Since the emergence of COVID-19, and following the order of the federal government, that all families should retire back to their homes/country home, this made most families to retire back to Agriculture due to the closure/lockdown of markets/businesses. Agriculture which is the core foundation in boosting the economics of Nigeria is indeed springing up once more.

Future Planning: The covid-19 pandemic taught Nigerians how to save and plan for the future. It taught (Nigerians) to learn how to store and to avoid wastage.

Inadequate Provision For The Masses: It is true that the lockdown/closure of markets and businesses was sudden.The government did not make adequate provision for its citizenry especially those who are at the grassroots level, i.e. in the remotest part of the state.

They suffered deeply as a result of the shutdown in markets. Is Serves as an Eye Opener to Nigerians: Nigerian citizens, Muslims or Christians, rich or poor, high/low, clean and unclean, able/disabled, male/female can now see that our representatives did not recognize that it is only God that can save and heal our land in times of trouble and tribulations.

CLEANNESS And Consciousness of One’s Environment: the emergence of COVID-19 has taught many of us to be mindful of their environment. The scriptures that cleanliness is next to Godliness. This implies that for those who normally do not wash their hands and after going to toilet, touching some dirty surfaces as a result of their work now do so without hesitations, at least, Nigerians now wash their hands take their baths as often as possible.

As written above I believe they are some of the lessons Nigerians learnt from the emergence of COVID-19 virus which is a global pandemic that has caused alot of their lives, mourning wailing and crying in the lives of our loved ones and has made the various Nations of the world to stand still and to recognize that it is only God in heaven that can heal and save our land from all uncertainty like this Covid-19 pandemic.

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