Corruption is Forcing our Youth to Run Away from Nigeria

By Josef Ishu

Bad governance and corruption, which is robbing Nigerian youth of their rights and privileges, as well as a high insecurity leading to daily killings and kidnappings of innocent citizens are some of the reasons forcing the youth to run away from their fatherland.

This assertion was made by the Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, Most Rev. Ignatius Kaigama in his homily on Sunday, April 18 at St. Peter’s Pastoral Area, Jiwa. “Today, our collective and individual experiences in Nigeria have forced especially some of our youth to embark on a sad journey to “Emmaus” in the Diaspora, with the hope of finding greener pastures; driven away from where they call home by an inhospitable social environment of corrupt governance”.

The Archbishop noted with dismay that many Nigerians, in the face of poverty and social deprivation, understandably feel deserted and betrayed by Government and have become apathetic or cynical to social or political issues.

Archbishop Kaigama, however, encouraged his faithful not to lose hope. “Our consolation is that Jesus still walks with His disciples as He did on the way to Emmaus. To all Nigerians, we say, once there is life, there is hope. The best will come someday, somehow, by the grace of God, to supersede the current seemingly hopeless situation”.

The Metropolitan of Abuja admonished Christians to keep “talking about Jesus” and to Jesus, noting sadly that many Christians today faced with material difficulties no longer talk about or with Jesus, but instead talk about miracles and prosperity, encouraged by greedy preachers who capitalize on the people’s poor socio-economic conditions