Corps Members Escape Robbery Attack Near Lodge in Awka

By Ifeoma Ogbodo

Some members of the National Association of Catholic Corps members (NACC), living at their lodge in the Juhel Parenteral Drug Ltd area, Nodu, Okpuno in Awka, narrowly escaped a robbery attack as they were returning to their lodge after withdrawing money from an Automated Teller Machine, ATM, around 3pm last Monday. This was coming after some of the corps members were attacked by robbers barely a month ago.

Speaking with Fides, Miss Loveline Nwosu, one of the victims, said the incident happened at about 3pm when the robbers trailed them from Regina Caeli Junction where they had gone to use the ATM services and had run away when they saw there were people in the neighbourhood.

‘We were already close to the lodge when we observed unusual movement by three guys behind us. We were terrified but we just mustered courage and kept walking. We also realized that they had seen the ATM cards in our hands before we put them in our bags, which, I would say, was a terrible mistake on our part because that was what attracted them to us,’ she disclosed.

She suspected the robbers to be idle youths who had been terrorizing the community and the neighbourhood.

‘They had succeeded in stealing phones and other valuables from people in the community with guns, machetes and other harmful gadgets within their reach. But fortunately, their attack on the corps members failed.

‘We are imploring the Anambra State Government to critically and seriously look into the issue of robbery and if possible ,ensure that there are police patrols every bus stop and junctions as this would help to curtail these situations in the state,’ Miss Nwosu said.

While reinstating the need for the state to be more security conscious, Mr Justine David, the NACC President, who said the incident had not been reported to the police, urged corps members and people in the community at large to be cautious at all times and not be carefree with their stuff.

‘After using the ATM or POS services, ATM cards should be kept in our bags immediately before leaving the bank premises because any slight mistake would lead to robbers trailing us to a point where they would strike and we might not get lucky to escape next time,’ he further advised.

Fides reports that the Nodu area is a fertile ground for robbers and cultists, and barely a week passes without reports of robbery activities which leave victims traumatized.