Coronavirus: Fides Director Drills Staff on Preventive Measures

By Chiamaka Egbunem and Nkiruka Okonkwo

The Director of Fides Media, Rev. Fr Martin Anusi, has addressed his members of staff on precautionary measures against the deadly coronavirus disease.
Addressing the workers last Tuesday at Fidesplex, Fr Anusi urged them to adopt proper personal hygiene in order not to contract the virus, noting that the disease could be prevented if people became responsive to the precautions stipulated by health experts and health organizations.

He said that since the disease had no vaccine, the only option was to prevent its spread, stating that if this disease could adversely affect advanced countries like China, Italy, among others, Nigerians should employ and apply all possible mechanisms in order to arrest its further spread. He pointed out that achieving total freedom from the virus was solely dependent on the people.

He advised that this period should not be a period of panic, but rather that of sober reflection regarding the way individuals managed their health. This is even as he urged Nigerians to imbibe standard precautions in their lifestyles by avoiding non-essential visits and adopting self-isolation.

‘Parents should have an eye on their wards with emphasis on their level of hygiene. All hands should be on deck to ensure that children, who bear a higher probability in contracting this deadly virus, are protected,’ Fr Anusi said, while demonstrating the manual production of face mask, using tissue rolls, stapler and elastic bands to make improvised face masks.
Analyzing his view on shutting down of official institutions by the Anambra State Government, he said the situation determined actions to be taken, noting that the health of the people was paramount and so should be the primary thing to consider, as only healthy people could work efficiently.

The Fides Director also said that care must be taken to ensure that visitors and staff members sanitized themselves properly before entering the premises, even as he further stressed the need for them to make use of disposable toiletries like tissue paper and face mask which, he said, should be used and thrown away immediately after.

He said the disease had been discovered to last more in the palm and advised the workers to be mindful of where they placed their hands and what they touched.
Explaining exactly how they should be washing their hands, Fr Anusi said that after washing their hands under running water, it was important to close the tap with their knuckles or elbows; rather than their fingers or palm.

‘Before closing the tap with your knuckle, ensure you preserve some water on your hands. This is to enable you to rinse your knuckle with the water you preserved,’ he said, while equally encouraging them to do same when applying sanitizers on their hands.

The Editor-in-Chief of Fides, Mr Jude Atupulazi, also encouraged his colleagues to be mindful of how they handled money during the current health crisis. According to him, Nigerian Naira notes could contain some bacteria that were harmful to health.

Still on handling money, Fr Anusi who advised them to wear gloves or wash their hands immediately after having contact with money, further advised that money could be ironed under the heat of an electric iron to kill all the bacteria in it.

He also encouraged the staff members to avoid sneezing into their palms but into their sleeves. Noting that the virus lived mostly on the palm, it was better to wash the sleeves of their clothes at the expense of contracting the coronavirus.

The Fides Director warned them against believing.

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