Cold Arms of Death Snatches Young Engineer

. . . Catholic Priest urges Christians To Accept the Will of God with Good Faith

By Mercy Hill

The family of Mr. and Mrs. Anene, Monday 7th January 2019, committed the remains of their deceased son, brother and friend, Chinedu Kelvin Anene to mother earth, following a tragic occurrence that led to the demise of the 31-year-old at their family compound in Nri, Anaocha LGA, Anambra State.

The late Chinedu Anene who was popularly called SkyGo, was an Engineer by profession, the 8th child out of nine children born to the family of the Anenes on 8 May 1987 and slept in the Lord 17th December 2018, while his burial took place on 7th January 2019, after a funeral mass at St. Peter’s Catholic Church, his home parish in Nri.

In his homily during the funeral mass that was presided over by Msgr. Jerome Madueke, the homilist, Fr. Patrick Okafor, noted that Christians may not understand the wisdom of God but must trust in His will constantly. He said this as he reflected in his words, the letter of St. Paul to the Philippians, urging Christ’s followers to maintain their stand in the Lord, having in mind that they were sojourners on earth, as such every bit of their deeds was recorded. Consoling the bereaved, the clergy advised them not to mourn for long, rather celebrate the birth of the deceased Chinedu, to heaven. Describing heaven as the best gift any Christian could obtain after death.

Speaking after the mass, the parish priest Rev. Fr. Damian Okeke, appreciated all that were present for the funeral even as he pleaded with them to embrace Christ, work according to His will as well as appreciate people they see around them. He further commended Late Chinedu and his family for their good deeds and enthusiasm to love which had attracted people from far and wide to attend his funeral mass.

In his vote of thanks, an older brother to Chinedu, Rev. Fr. Francis Anene, said the death of his brother was a shocker to the family, but however have accepted it as a blessing from God in disguise. He concluded with an appreciation message to all who stood and are still standing by the family in their period of mourning.

In an interview with Fides, the Father of the deceased, Mr. Echendu Anene, regretted the demise of his son who he said will never be forgotten as he had left a gap which would be difficult to fill in.

Speaker after speaker including the older sister, Mrs Ebele Obi and brother, Mr. Obiora Anene, all expressed that the death of Chinedu was a huge loss to the family.

Fides observed that there was a mammoth crowd at the venue of the burial, which was discovered to be as a result of the Goodwill of the Anenes to the community and humanity at large.

Choristers from Archbishop A.K. Obiefuna, Retreat and Pastoral Center, Okpuno, singing at the graveside of the deceased
Father of the Deceased, Mr. Anene, going to pay his last respect at his son’s graveside
Parishioners of St. Peter’s Catholic church, Nri, presenting condolence gift to the deceased Family.
Late Chinedu Anene’s Mother, Mrs Anene, during the funeral Mass
Fr. Francis Anene, performing dust to dust rituals at his brother’s grave.
Worshipers from Archbishop A.K. Obiefuna, Retreat and Pastoral Center, Okpuno, paying condolence call to the bereaved family
Religious present at the funeral Mass
Choristers from Archbishop A.K. Obiefuna, Retreat and Pastoral Center, Okpuno, singing at the graveside of the deceased
Priests, Religious and lay faithful during the prayers of absolution
Youths from St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Nri, paying their last respect at the late Chinedu’s grave.

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