CMO Awka 11 Deanery Holds Convention at St Mary’s

…Inaugurates Excos, Presents Awards, Raises Funds

By Uche Amunike

The Awka 11 Deanery of the Catholic Men’s Organization held her maiden Convention and award giving ceremony on 2nd September, 2018, at St Mary’s Catholic Church, Awka.

The occasion which was preceded by a holy Mass also gave rise to the recognition of the present Deanery Executive members for their selfless service to the church since they came on board, as well as, their inauguration.

In his homily, the Chief Celebrant and Chaplain of the CMO, Awka 11 Deanery, Monsignor B.C.B. Mojekwu, encouraged all to live their lives according to the dictates of the Gospel as that was a sure way of inheriting the kingdom of God after running life’s race.

He enjoined the members of the CMO to be pure in heart and avoid sin at all times because, as heads of the family, they were expected to tell the truth always as that was what made them upright in the eyes of God.

He reminded all about the baptismal vows they took at baptism, saying that they should serve as a guide to their lives and the way they lived it, while urging the faithful to eschew the sins of fornication and adultery, even as they helped orphans and widows in their trying times.
He spoke against traditionalism and explained that God’s dictates superseded traditional beliefs at all times and then asked that as heads of the family unit, the attitudes of all Catholic men should always portray Christ to the outside world.

During the Holy Mass, the seven pioneer officers that had been in charge of the running of the activities of the Deanery since her inception early this year were recognized and inaugurated while being encouraged by their Chaplain, Monsignor Mojekwu, to remain steadfast and committed in their service to the association and to the church in general.

After the Holy Mass, the ceremony was chaired by Engr. (Dr) Romanus Ejikeme. In his opening remarks, he expressed his excitement at the maiden convention of the CMO and commended them for what he described as a noble and progressive initiative.

Speaking to Fides later in an interview, he said the event would go a long way in opening the eyes of men because he knew that every good thing started with a step and that Awka Deanery 11 had just started that race which would spread around the diocese this time.

‘It is a very memorable occasion and I am happy at the turn out we have and the way it is going. As I said in my opening remarks, things will happen here today. It was like a vision revealed to me and I just said it. You can see what has been happening all day and the kind of funds they have gotten so far. CMO has come to stay. There are no two ways about it. Gone are the days when people said that women made the money. Men have taken over and are leaving indelible marks in the lives of Christians,’ Ejikeme stated.

For his part, the chairman, Awka 11 Deanery, Mr Nathaniel Aniero, expressed happiness at the event and the turn out. He said that the convention which fielded deserving awardees spanned between members and non-members, while also appreciating the past executive for a job well done.

On the reason for the convention he said they wanted to bring all the six parishes under the Awka 11 Deanery together as a body and also to devise a means of raising funds and paying off some of their debts in the diocese without causing parishes to pay them.
Presentation of certificates of good stewardship to the Deanery Exco formed part of the highlights.

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