Civil Servants Resume: Awka South LGA Upholds COVID 19 Measures

By Uchechukwu Enem

Going by governor’s directives to all civil servants to resume work on 4th May 2020, Fides took a walk to Awka South Local Government Headquarters at Amawbia, to observe the COVID 19 measures compliance.

At the headquarters, the Chairman of Awka South LGA, Hon. Leo Nwuba, said that offices were already taking precautions of the deadly disease. He said that they have made provisions for available washing spots at the headquarters with soaps and sanitizers. Hon Nwuba told Fides of how the local government were enforcing the government’s directives on the compulsory use of face masks. He added that anybody entering the premises were mandated to wear their facemask or leave the compound.

He said that the local government has put in so many precautions to stop the spread of the virus. He recalled how the local government acted rapidly with the issue of Lassa Fever and how they created wide awareness of the disease.

He encouraged workers to be psychologically fit as they resume work adding that the COVID 19 brought in some challenges among Nigerians. He reminded Anambrarians that the temporary lift does not mean that the virus has been defeated. While calling for extra caution and vigilance among Anambrarians, he thanked Gov. Willie Obiano, for being proactive since the beginning of the COVID 19. He praised the Governor who has trained medical practitioners and personnel and for providing palliative materials to the citizens

‘It appears that work is already resuming gradually, and we have put machineries in motion to make sure the directives of Governor Willie Obiano are followed. That’s why we don’t allow people inside the compound without face masks. The Governor is doing great to curb the effect of the Corona Virus on her citizen’ he added.

Some of the workers with their face masks

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