Christmas inspired nut drink

By Chioma Nnagbo

Hello everyone,

Still on the Christmas inspired nut drink; this week I’m going to teach you how to make one very interesting nut recipe. Believe me after tasting this drink, you will want to be drinking it everyday. With just five ingredients, you can serve your guests this Christmas without stress.

Let me introduce you to the ingredients


  • Tiger nut (Hausa Groudnut)
  • Date Fruit (sweetner)
  • Cocunut Ginger (Flavour)
  • Water


Break, wash and remove the back of your coconut, cut into small pieces and place inside your blender. Wash the date fruit, remove the seed and place it inside your blender. Wash your ginger and tiger nut then everything goes inside your blender. Add enough water to it and blend till smooth.

Place in a sieve and sift out the shaft from it. Pour the liquid into a bottle and refrigerate. Simple right?

Try this out and thank me later.

Eat healthy