News Update

Chidimma the Face of Innocence

By Uche Amunike

About a week ago, Nigerians woke up to the news that the CEO of Super TV network of Nigeria, Michael Usifo Itaga was stabbed to death by his girlfriend, the 20-year old Chidimma Ojukwu, a 3rd year student of the University of Lagos. At least, that was the general version out there.

Nobody was sure of the truth, apart from the fact that he was a 50 year old billionaire and had just started dating her about four months prior and that they were high on drugs shortly before she stabbed him severally during a scuffle. Of course, in my dear country Nigeria, we get to hear of such stories all the time:  Pastors being caught with female members of their churches, bosses being caught with their secretaries, top men in society being caught with their objects of infidelity. The list goes on.

This time, it was particularly painful because of the nature of the young man’s death and the trauma his family presently faces.

I watched the young girl’s confession on TV as she narrated some dumb story on how she killed him. The more she talked, the more curious I became. The story just didn’t add up. It was really sad looking at her talking about the way she killed the young man without an iota of remorse. She looked like she was playing out a script. She just kept on talking and talking and the story just refused to blend.

As I watched her mumble her words to the pressmen, I wished I was there. I had a million questions for her. A zillion skillion questions begging for answers. I took a good look at her. Such a pretty girl. She looked really innocent and unassuming, but I wasn’t deceived. I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me that behind that façade, was a deadly  beast, ready to devour her victim with no mercy in her heart! Are you asking why I say this?

I can’t comprehend how a young girl her age was able to kill that young man still remained unruffled. It didn’t seem like she even panicked at any point. While his corpse was still there in the pool of his blood, she comfortably picked up his ATM card, withdrew millions of money from his bank account and sauntered home.

She didn’t shriek or shiver or tremble in fear. She was a devil on a mission, carried out her evil plot and left. That’s not all. I cant comprehend how she went home to her parents with her innocent face and acted like nothing happened. If she was in any way, pricked by her conscience, she would have confided in her parents. Murder is a first degree crime in any corner of the world.

This young innocent looking girl murdered a man she shared affection with and she wasn’t even scared. She was cool, calm and relaxed. It was as if nothing happened. As if she killed a chicken or even a mosquito.

When she was being interviewed, she mentioned that they were high on drugs and even mentioned the name of the drugs they were high on.

Then she mentioned that they had intimate sexual activities that left her tired, especially because they had just taken drugs and how the man wanted to have more of her, but because she was tired and wanted to sleep, he tried to force himself on her, but that she refused and that led to the man going physical with her which led to the fight that made her pick up a knife and stab him, not once, but twice, according to her.

I was still trying to process information in my head and I also tried to match it with her countenance, then further went on to match it with her look of innocence. Believe me, I was never deceived. I saw her as a cold blooded murderer with a heart of steel.

For starters, how come she was able to overpower that man to the point of winning him in a fight and killing him after starting him? She mentioned doing her interrogation that she was two week after the drug she took and after having sexual relations with him which was why she turned down going for another round.

My question then is, since she was the one that was tired and he was the one who wanted to have another shot at their sexual activity, how come she was the one who had the power to fight him and overpower him and kill him?

I’m still asking, during her interrogation, she also said he smashed her head against the wall during the so called fight. How come she had no cut on her head, no bruise on her skin or even cut on any part of her body?

Is it not clear that there were people who fought with that man and killed him while she was just there by the side, watching them send him to an early grave, which was why she had no cut on her body. Not even a stain of his blood on her.

Chidimma Ojukwu apparently was used as a bait to lure the mum so the slaughter where she and her gang killed him and made away with his millions.

She’s also a hardened criminal which explains why she was never seen shedding even a single tear all through her arrest and interrogation. If she didn’t feel guilty for being a part of a plot to take someone’s life at the age of 50, she should at least feel guilty for robbing his children of a father, for robbing his wife of a husband, for robbing his family of a breadwinner,  for robbing his employees of their employer.

She should at least feel guilty for disappointing her family and bringing them shame. As far as I’m concerned, the Ojukwu girl is certainly a demon with the face of an angel!!!

It is a pity that the family of the late Itaga will forever face stigmatization as long as they live in this country. Even if they relocate to another  country to escape from the taunts and sneers from people and the general stigmatization this scandal will bring to them as a family, their lives will never be the same again.

Chidimma will never fully understand the damage she has done to that family. They are broken and will remain so for a long time to come. What does it matter, though? Chidimma is hardened like iron. She has no fears for anyone. She simply doesn’t care!

I studied the profile of Brenda Ataga, widow to the 50year old billionaire and I was astounded. I was super impressed at how much she had climbed the ladder of success in the field of Oil and Gas. She really made her mark quite young in life. I saw her picture. A damsel in every right. I just couldn’t stop asking myself what her husband wanted that made him look outside his home.

What do men really want??? This man would have still been very much alive if he had remained faithful to his wife. I have seen the ugly and insensitive comments flying all over the place since he died, blaming the wife, Brenda, for being a bad wife which made him go outside.

Well, he has gone outside to fetch the death that killed him. At least, his wife didn’t kill him. Chidimma did. I wonder why women have to take the blame for everything. I just don’t understand why.

The late billionaire was resident in Banana Island. A place meant for billionaires like him. He was married to a very classy, smart and sophisticated career woman who bore him children. He however preferred to sow his wild oats with a cheap tramp who has the heart of a demon, but covered with the pretty face of an innocent angel.

I hope this serves as a deterrent to men who have chosen to be restless under the guise of naturally bring polygamous. If you are a man, you need to learn do much from this tragic experience.

In conclusion, the family of the late Michael Itaga has begged that eopke should stop spreading falsehood about their late brother’s wife and his family. They went on to plead that if anyone had any information that might help the police in their investigation, they should please tender such information to them instead of going online and spreading falsehoods.

The family needs to mourn him in peace. Those kids will forever be traumatized for the rest of their lives. Let them be allowed to deal with this tragedy without having to be bothered with all the hateful comments about their mom and the reprimands directed to their late father.

Their scars are emotional and psychological. Let’s not make it worse. Daalu nu!