By Amarachukwu Okpunobi

When we give, we get more. That is simply charity and it is a spiritual law. You give your skill, knowledge, time, smile, hug, money, clothes and what have you that will benefit others and help them in life and make them smile and happy. Charity is not limited to going to orphanage homes, volunteering in an NGO but also covers the circumference of our homes. How well do we give to our family members? How often do we check on our parents, siblings, aunties and uncles and most of all our grandparents.

September 5 of every year, the United Nations remind every human of how important charity is. This is in commemoration of the charitable works Mother Teresa did on earth before her death. It is of necessity that I tell you a bit of Mother Terasa and her works on earth.

Mother Teresa was born on the 26th of August 1910 as Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu. She is honored as Saint Teresa of Calcutta in the Catholic Church. She founded a Roman Catholic religious congregation, the Missionaries of Charity, in 1950. The Missionaries of Charity is active all over the world, with thousands of nuns all around the world.

The congregation manages homes for those who are dying of tuberculosis, leprosy, and HIV/AIDs. It also runs schools, orphanages, family counselling programmes, children’s counselling programmes, mobile clinics, dispensaries, and soup kitchens. Members take vows of obedience, poverty, and chastity.

They also profess a fourth vow, which is to give a “wholehearted free service to the poorest of the poor.” Over the years, Mother Teresa has been awarded with many different honors. This includes being given the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, as well as the Tamon Magsaysay Peace Prize in 1962.

So, what have you been able to do others that is charitable. That friend of yours that wears torn clothes, how often do you change your wardrobe. Her torn clothes is a reminder that she needs your clothes.  Your sister that is depressed, give her your time and let her rest her burdened shoulders on you, it’s charity. Charity must not be financially facilited.

Below are excerpts from a piece written by Kirki Daga on charity, this will give you an indept learning about charity.

Charity is an act of kindness where a person who has more than enough of what he or she needs contributes a part of his or her surplus income for the fulfilment of the needs of those who are less capable.

Charity is possible in various forms. The broader meaning of charity is donating money to an organization; governmental and non- governmental for the fulfilment of the purpose for which it has been established.

There are thousands and thousands of charitable organizations all around the globe; you just need to find out who deserves your help the most. There are charitable organizations for the handicapped and the disabled, for the poor, for educating the illiterate, for uplifting the status of woman in the society and many more.

It is good if one can contribute by paying cash but if an individual is interested, he or she can join such charitable organizations as volunteers thus helping conducting the internal affairs of the organization.

Things to Consider before Deciding Where to Donate …Almost anyone who is financially sound can contribute money and any other goods but not everyone posseses the patience and the capability to work for a charitable organization. It is essential to note that charity does not only mean contributing in a charitable organization.

There goes a famous saying “Charity begins at home.” This is an old saying with a deep hidden meaning inside. This means that it is not enough to contribute good and money to the charitable organizations alone. If your own grandmother is lying on the bed and you do not serve her and instead are interested in helping a charitable organization, you surely do not understand the true meaning of charity.

Charity is not showing off. It means that you should help the people in need from the bottom of your heart. If your servant is in serious need of money or any other material goods, help him first; because there are many people who will come forward and help a charitable organization but the only source of income for your servant is you. Your servant cannot think of any source of income other than you because that individual works for you 24*7. Charity is definitely not your cup of tea if you are only interested in showing- off. Helping others is the biggest charity.

Offering your seat to an elder person or a kid in a metro or bus is charity, carrying the shopping bag all by yourself instead of bothering your mother is charity, giving a good pay to your servants and people working under you, just a little more than they are capable of is charity.

Charity as a matter of fact is a very wide phenomenon that cannot be described in words. It is said that if you give someone something, you get ten times in return. But this saying is incomplete; the truth is that if you give someone something with a pure heart, expecting nothing in return, you will surely get more than ten times in return.

But if you are involved in charity for fulfilling any of your motives of for showing-off your brighter side, you can possibly guess what you will get in return. Even the selfish motive of yours might not be fulfilled and the result will be that you will end up nowhere.

A charity free from any selfish motives is charity in true sense of the term. You will find many people who are supporting charitable causes but very few among them give charity in true sense of the term. Such people are also good because even if they are supporting a charitable institution for securing name and fame, at least their money is used for a good cause. And the reality is all’s well that ends well.

Charity is also done for religious purposes. It just depends on where your interest lies in donating. It is estimated that one should give at least 10% of his or her profits in charity or donation. This fact has been shared in one of the most famous books about money management named “The Richest Man in Babylon”.

Just spending your money on yourself and your family and living a life full of material pleasures will not give you the peace of mind that you need. The moment you know that your little deed of charity has brought a smile to someone’s face is the moment you will achieve that peace of mind which you truly desire from the bottom of your heart.

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