CESACC Commends Fides for Online Presence

The Director of Fides Communications, Rev. Fr. Martin Anusi, sharing his experience on Fides online platforms

. . . As Fr. Anusi Tasks Directors to Take Advantage of Google and Social Media Platforms

By Uche Enem

The Centre for the Study of African Culture and Communication (CESACC) of the Catholic Institute of West Africa (CIWA), Port Harcourt, through Rev. Fr. Gerald Musa, has commended Fides for her visible online and social media presence.

He made this statement while delivering his lecture on Bridges and Barriers of Online Communication Network: A Reflection on the 2019 World Communications Day Message. During his lecture, he invited the Director of Fides Communications, Rev. Fr. Martin Anusi, to share with others the growth of Fides in its successful online initiatives.

In response, Fr Anusi explained how Fides began and developed its e- format outreach, presence and diversity. He stressed the importance of developing e- relationship with Google and how this had made Fides participate actively in Google realities like Google My Business, Google Local Guides, Google Crowdsource, Google Street View, Google Map, Google Local Guides Connect, among others.

He described how Fides had diversified its productions, publications and services into diverse website outlets. For instance, Fides now had three websites: http://www.fidesnigeria.org for newspaper; https://www.fidesnigeria.com for Fides productions in printing, video, audio and photo services, farms and fishery, etc.

He added that Fides now had an SMS platform: https://smsfides.com where anyone could buy and send SMS. . He encouraged other Diocesan Directors to take advantage of Google platforms and other social media outlets in other to boost their online reach and engagement.
Fides Google personnel and member of staff, Uchechukwu Enem, in her contribution, said that the social media through Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, were effective ways of reaching the youth. She added that the social media outlet provided rooms to view insights on each post and to compare post reach and engagements. She explained that the Google My Business was a viable tool in creating online presence and engaging with customers.

In appreciation, Fr. Musa, thanked Fr. Anusi for sharing his insight in digital skills and communications. He explained some communication challenges in the Nigerian Church and encouraged Directors on the need to build a trustworthy and friendly community using the media technology. He identified some social networks bridges and the need to give youths an opportunity to participate and contribute in discussions concerning the Church.

He concluded his paper by reeling out some elemzents a media house should possess in building its online presence which included becoming relevant and responsive, becoming creative, creating sharer-friendly content, creating opportunities for contributions, becoming interactive, becoming intersection and becoming consistent.