Celebrating Goodness Madueme – Fides Best Staff 2019

By Uche Amunike

Every end of year, the Management of Fides Media Limited ensures that a best worker emerges from her large number of workers. Well, this year 2019, a winner has emerged and her name reigns supreme on the Fides Hall of Fame. She is Miss Goodness Chidimma Madueme.

She is a very quiet and an unassuming young girl who has continued to make her name echo in Fides for all the right reasons. This pretty Enugu State-born young lady is a reminder to everyone who has come in contact with her that great things come in small packages.

One amazing thing about this award is that it went to a non-Catholic. Chidimma is an ardent worshipper with The Apostolic Church, Nigeria, yet, she won the most important award in a Catholic faith based organization. I thank the Fides Management for this amazing gesture and proof that fairness and transparency remains some of their strong values. I also congratulate the lovely ‘Mma’ as I fondly call her for coming tops in this competition. Kindly enjoy the excerpts of this interview of the 2019 best member of staff of the Formidable Fides Media Limited.

Please introduce yourself and your department in Fides Media Ltd
My name is Chidimma Goodness Madueme. I work in the Graphics Department of Fides Media Limited.

How long have you worked here?
By February, 2020, I would have been here for two years.

What exactly is your job description?
I work closely with the News Department. I co-design the Fides Weekly Newspaper and other things like posters, invitation cards, and sometimes, book covers.

What is the most challenging part of your job?
The most challenging part of my job is the planning of the newspaper. There’s hardly time to meet up with the work.So I’m mostly under pressure especially during the production days which are Wednesdays and Thursdays. Oftentimes, I work on the newspaper till late Friday afternoons.

What’s the part of your job that interests you the most?
Yes. I can actually say that being in the Computer Graphics Section of Fides Media is fun. It gives me a lot of joy. When people see me going to work and when they ask me what I do, I tell them I am a Computer Graphics Personnel. I know am not perfect at the job but it gives me joy that am doing it. I also learn every day from my jobs, and improve on the skills I have already.

I was informed by the Fides Director that you have emerged the Fides Media Best Worker of the year 2019.
Really??? Wow!!!! – Chidimma exclaimed.

Yes. Amongst all members of staff here, you were recognised as the best, how does that make you feel?
Wow! I don’t know, I’m surprised. Thinking about it now, it never occurred to me that I could emerge the best worker of the year. I’m so happy hearing this, it makes me feel special, honestly. I feel so special right now because those that voted me are actually my fellow colleagues and that means a lot. I didn’t know people even regarded me this highly because I voted for other people that I believed deserved it better. I must say, I’m very happy. Truly happy.

So have you won any award in Fides Media before now?
Yes, I have.

What exactly was the award for?
Earlier this year in April, precisely. I was surprised when someone walked up to me and said, ‘Congratulations’, I asked what for and the person asked if I had gone to the Fides Media Whatsapp group?. With that question, she left. I checked my phone and saw a message in the Fides Family group chat, where the director, Rev Fr Martin Anusi, promised me a gift for coming early to work on a daily basis, despite the distance from my office to my house. After I read it, I expected it to be the usual December award but the next day, I received an award and a gift from Fr. Martin Anusi.

So now, this award is a special one because you were voted by your fellow workers. How do you feel knowing your fellow workers chose you as the best worker for the year?
I don’t know how to express myself. It’s so surprising. It surprised me that I was actually looking at someone else and said to myself, this person deserves the award and finally it turned out to be me! I feel so special knowing that my fellow members of staff like me this much. I’m surprised.

So who do you want to thank for this development in your life?
I want to thank everybody but I’ll start by thanking God Almighty for His grace because I always believe that whatever I was able to achieve is by divine grace and not by merit. I also want to thank our director, Fr. Martin Anusi. There’s something about working in Fides. The first time I came here, the reception was warm. Outside, people ask me, ‘you’re not Catholic, so how come you’re working for them? But I tell them that I don’t regret working for them.

Fides taught me something, even though am not Catholic, we’re all treated the same. I want to appreciate him for the privilege and for making me feel that special sense of belonging.

My thanks also goes to other Reverend fathers, Fr Coach Obinna Dike, Fr. Cyril Ezeani and Fr Pio-Anthony Okafor. When I came newly, I saw them as people I can’t casually talk to.But now, we all work and communicate together comfortably. Also, my colleagues, have been caring and supportive. I also thank the Editor-in-Chief, Mr Jude Atupulazi, who makes planning of newspaper easy for me and you too, Auntie Uche for all the sweet names you call me, when you come to work, it makes me happy, and all the Fides members of staff. To all those I cannot mention their names, thank you a lot. I am grateful.

Well, Congratulations and I hope you’ll win another award soon.
Yes. I sincerely hope that this will be a stepping point for more awards as I aspire to go many places and interact with people. Amen!

Before we conclude, what do you think this award can do for you in future?
Like I said earlier, this is already a kind of motivation to me. This award will actually encourage me to do better in every opportunity I find myself, knowing fully well that there is always reward for good work.

What are Your Guiding Principles in Life?
What actually guides me are focus and time. I am always time conscious. That’s why I detest lateness. There was a time I purposely attended a church function late, and, because of that, I was disorganized. And I said to myself, if I wasn’t this late, I won’t have been this disorganized today.

Another thing about me is that I like being myself. I always like to be myself and excel as a person. People often say that I don’t behave like my fellow Apostolic Church members, but I always say to them that I like being the best of myself.

So do you have any word of advice for staff members of Fides Media Limited who have not received an award before?
Yes. The truth is I didn’t expect this, I don’t know why people voted me because there are people who I felt would get this award. I don’t know why I was chosen. However, I encourage everyone of us. It’s not like others are not working. We all are working, and doing our best in Fides. My aunt taught me that whatever am doing for someone, I should do it like it’s for myself. So, to my fellow workers, let’s apply the same attitude to our work, because that way we will do it better and even learn more in order to attain perfection.

Okay, Thank you very much and congratulations once again.
Thanks, Aunty Uche.