Celebrating Emma Ewekechi…Best Fides Worker 2017

Every year, the Fides management finds ways of motivating their teeming workers by way of remuneration and other little manners of compensation. The one thing that has become very interesting, however, is the assessment done by the workers themselves where they fill a questionnaire in order to rate the performance of their colleagues. In the questionnaire, a lot of categories are covered and the staff themselves do the selections without the involvement of the management. It is done in a way that Mr A does not know what Mr B fills in the questionnaire. After the forms have been assembled, the winner emerges and whoever gets the highest score is declared winner and rewarded accordingly. This year, the winner emerged from a very unassuming position. The very humble and amiable winner is our Security Man who has served Fides diligently for two years and still counting. This exceptionally hardworking young man has over the years, warmed his way into the hearts of both the management and staff of Fides while performing his duties. He is great at multi-tasking and his willingness to learn new things is just one, out of the many reasons why he has developed other skills apart from that which he was basically employed for. In this interview with the award winning Emma Enekwechi, it is obvious that he is a true inspiration, not only to his colleagues, but to the management of Fides Communication, Awka. Please read on…     
Kindly introduce yourself and tell us what position you hold in Fides
My name is Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ewekechi from Imo state. I am the Security Man and Gardener but recently I was given an additional post. I was assigned to take care of the generator.
So how long have you been in Fides?
I have been working with Fides since 2nd of April, 2015. I should be two years now with Fides.
You just won an award in Fides as the best worker of the year 2017. Tell us how it feels to be the person who clinched that honorable position.
Anyway, it’s a pleasant surprise to me because God knows that anything I’m doing, I put all my efforts to get the best out of it.
Ok, so you obviously multi-task because, you were employed basically as the security man and the gardener and after a while you were asked to handle the generator. Tell us, are there other things you do in Fides apart from these three duties?
Yes, I handle the cutting machine and binding machine.
Were you opportune to go through any kind of training before taking these positions?
Yes, like the binding machine I was trained for like 4 months, then the cutting machine just for one month before the former person handling it left.
So, what has it been like? I know you are dedicated in your duties but I know there are challenges at the same time, what are some of those challenges you face carrying out those tasks?
Anyway, I don’t think I have any challenges doing all these things almost at the same time because I normally program the way I do everything I do, so when I program them and the time comes to do any of them I will go and do it and in the process of doing it, I don’t feel bad. I’m always happy doing them.
So how would you describe the Fides management? What has it been like working with them?
When I started two years ago, the former Director was Monsignor Jerome Madueke. So, along the line, within some months I started work, they changed the Director who is now Fr. Martins, who is doing his best anyway. He is trying. In fact, he is doing all he can do to get the best out of every worker in Fides and God is helping him. He is trying.
So what is your relationship with the workers?
I don’t have any problem with the workers. I relate very well with all of them. Small or big, I relate with you freely. I don’t have any problem with anybody. I maintain a good relationship with them.
If you are placed in a position where you are to make a request from the Fides management, what will the request be?
Hmmm, this is really difficult. The most tasking thing I have now is this my family. How to work hard and take good care of my them. That’s all. For now, I don’t have any request from them.
That means you are content with whatever you get from Fides management?
I am ok with whatever I get from them.
That’s fantastic. So, do you live here with your family?
Does your wife also work for Fides?
What is her position in here?
She works as a cleaner.
So what is it like, both of you working in the same office? Does it in anyway affect the home?
It doesn’t. Sometimes, I help her in her work. Sometimes, she also helps me in my work too, like staying at the gate while I am doing other things inside. So, we work hand in hand.
Now, you have received the award as the Best Worker of the Year, 2017. What is your advice to your fellow workers and colleagues in this office? 
My advice is that everyone should be dedicated to whatever they are assigned to do. Like me, I don’t work with time. I work with target. So let everyone begin to see it as if they are not doing their work for Fides. Take it that you are doing it for yourself. Do the things you do as if you are just playing. You see, whenever I don’t do anything for the whole day, I feel sick. That is why I just have to do some of my duties to feel fit. So my advice to them is just to do whatever they are assigned to do. They should just give the best they can do and God will bless the rest for them.
 I was here when you came to Fides, I have observed you quietly and completely agree with the fact that you are Best Worker of the Year, 2017. So, tell us your secret that has made you stand out in the midst of over 40 workers?
It is in-built. It is something that is just in me which I cannot even know how to explain. I can also say that the grace of God is my secret.
All right, what is your prayer for the Fides management and their staff here?
My prayer is for God to keep everyone alive because, the way I see Fides, in the nearby future, they have a lot more upgrading to do. So my prayer for them is that God should give them grace. The grace of God is the most important thing in life. Once you have the grace of God in everything you are doing, you have everything you can get at any time. So, my prayer for them is just the grace of God upon them.
All right. Thank you very much for your time.
You are welcome.