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Pope Francis Condemns Euthanasia as Utilitarianism, Not Freedom

By Hannah Brockhaus Euthanasia is a way of treating the human person as an object; while it may appear to give freedom, it is really a rejection of hope, Pope Francis told an oncology association Sept. 2. “The practice of euthanasia, which has already been legalized in several countries, only apparently aims to encourage personal freedom,” he said Sept. 2. ...

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Pope Francis: War is Always a Loss for All Humanity

By Courtney Grogan Pope Francis marked the 70th anniversary of the Geneva Conventions Sunday with a message urging the protection of life and human dignity in armed conflicts. “Let us not forget that war and terrorism are always a serious loss for all humanity,” Pope Francis said Aug. 11 after his Angelus prayer. The Geneva Conventions are “important international legal ...

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Pope Francis Prays for Victims of Shootings in U.S

By Hannah Brockhaus Pope Francis Sunday remembered the victims, and the families of the victims, of recent shootings in Texas, California, and Ohio, asking for prayers. “I am spiritually close to the victims of the episodes of violence that these days have bloodied Texas, California and Ohio, in the United States, affecting defenseless people,” the pope said Aug. 4, after ...

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Pope Francis: Migrants Are People, Not Just a Social Issue

By Hannah Brockhaus Pope Francis called Monday for an end to the rhetoric which views migrants as something ‘other,’ saying they are human beings and among those Christ has commanded his disciples to love and assist. “They are persons; these are not mere social or migrant issues!” he said July 8. “’This is not just about migrants,’ in the twofold ...

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Pope Francis Prays For Migrants Killed In Airstrike in Libya

By Courtney Grogan Pope Francis prayed Sunday for the victims of the airstrike that hit a migrant detention center in Libya, and called upon the international community to condemn the violence. “I invite you to pray for the poor defenseless people killed or wounded by the airstrike,” Pope Francis said in his Angelus address July 7. “The international community cannot ...

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