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When Bombs Fell on the Vatican

It was a dark autumn night in Rome, which was suffering under the occupation of Nazi Germany and was the target of bombing raids by Allied and Axis forces. The Vatican City State was a neutral territory in World War II, but shortly after 8:00 pm on Nov. 5, 1943, a small non-descript plane dropped five bombs onto the Vatican. ...

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Pope Francis: St. Paul Announced Christ to ‘Idol Worshippers’ Without Attacking Them

By Courtney Mares St. Paul announced Jesus Christ to “idol worshippers” in Athens without attacking them, but by building bridges, Pope Francis said Wednesday. “We also ask the Holy Spirit today to teach us to build bridges with culture, with those who do not believe or with those who have a creed different from ours. Always build bridges, always reach ...

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Pope Francis: True Wealth Is Found In Friendship, Not Things

By Hannah Brockhaus People and relationships are more valuable than things and the truly wealthy are those who are rich in friends, Pope Francis said during the Angelus Sunday. “Wealth can encourage the erection of walls, create divisions and discrimination,” the pope said Sept. 22, adding that “Jesus, by contrast, invites his disciples to change course: ‘Make friends with riches.’” ...

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Pope Francis: God Forgets our Sins after Confession

By Courtney Grogan Pope Francis said Sunday that God forgets sins absolved within the confessional. “How do you defeat evil? Accepting God’s forgiveness … It happens every time we go to confession; there we receive the love of the Father who overcomes our sin. It is no longer there, God forgets it,” Pope Francis said in his Angelus message Sept. ...

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Pope Francis Says he Welcomes Constructive Criticism

By Hannah Brockhaus and Ed Pentin Speaking aboard the papal plane from Madagascar to Rome Tuesday, Pope Francis said he welcomes criticism if it is given openly, fairly, and with a willingness to be debated. “Of criticisms, I always see the advantages. Sometimes you get angry, but the advantages are there,” he said Sept. 10 during an in-flight press conference. ...

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