CATCOM, Nnewi Diocese, Visits Fides Media

By Adejumoke Alebiosu and Ifeoma Ogbodo

Rev Fr Martin Onwudiwe, Director, Catholic Communications, CATCOM, Catholic Diocese of Nnewi, led a team of some members of his staff on a visit to Fides Media at Fidesplex, Nodu, Okpuno, Awka, Tuesday, June 29.

Rev. Fr Martin Anusi, Director, Fides Media, welcomed them and took them on a tour of Fidesplex. He introduced some members of staff of Fides Media and explained how operations were carried out at Fides Media.

Rev. Fr Martin Anusi, Director, Fides Media (middle) on a tour of Fides facility with Rev Fr Martin Onwudinwe (2nd from right) and other members of Catholic Communications, CATCOM, Catholic Diocese of Nnewi. 1st from left is Chimezie Ibedu, Production Manager, Fides Media

‘It is very important to note that dedication to duty is key to a successful organization, A successful business must possess personnel that are serious-minded and dedicated to the effective carrying out of their duties. The pride of every media organization is the ability to get work done when it is expected,’ he said.

Fr Anusi stated that attitude to work mattered a lot when it came to prompt delivery of jobs when asked how the Fides Media managed to deliver jobs promptly.

‘Salary-oriented mentality is dangerous. When people sit back, do little or nothing and at the end of the month expect salary to be paid is a bad attitude to work. For an organization to grow, all hands must be on deck towards achieving the common goals of the organization,’ he concluded.

Fr Onwudinwe, on behalf of his organization, appreciated the Management of Fides Media, especially Fr Anusi, for a warm welcome to the organization.