Caritas Nigeria Delegate Visits Awka JDPC to Monitor Clip Project Success

By Chioma Ndife

A delegate from Caritas Nigeria, the sole financer of Justice Development and Peace Commission (JDPC) projects has visited Awka Diocesan JDPC office to monitor the progress recorded by the Community and Legislative Members Interactive Platform (CLIP) project.
The CLIP project was launched six months ago to promote active participation in governance in a bid to ensure effective representation of elected office holders.

Speaking to Fides, the Caritas Nigeria Delegate, Mark Asu Obi said his visit to JDPC in Awka Diocese was to carry out a review and ascertain the level of implementation of the CLIP project being carryout in Awka Diocese. He noted that the goal of the project was to enhance an effective healthy relationship between the legislators and their constituents to bridge the gap that had been existing between the two groups.

Obi, who is the program Officer, Good Governance Project, disclosed that funding support of the CLIP project being executed in just three states in Nigeria namely Anambra-Awka,

Pleatue-Jos and Kogi-Lokoja, came from Catholic Agency for Oversee Development (CAFOD). He maintained that the funding support from CAFOD was a pilot for a period of six months basically to strengthen the capacity of JDPC to be able to mobilize the constituents to check and hold accountable, their legislators, based on campaign promises.

He noted that the JDPC in Awka seems to be on course sequel to the reports which the National Office in Abuja have been receiving from the Awka Zone since the commencement of the project, saying that more observations would be made as the project wraps up.

Speaking on the possible extension of the project to cover more areas, Obi explained that projects are driven by availability of funds, saying that it would be the desire of both funders and implementers, to see that the impact of the project was felt widely and indictors showing objectives achieved. He said that JDPC would scale up the project if they were able to have access to more funds.

He said that the logical implementation of the project would be the yardstick for its extension to other LGAs and states.

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