CAREER CHOICE – The first step to determine one’s future and Destiny

By Chukwuka Kizito. C (Senior Prefect) SS3A (PADUA)

Career choice has been a problem for students and people in recent times. The wrong choice of career is the first step towards ruining your destiny and your entire life. In school a calendar is mapped out for educating students of their choices of career, which is called “Career day”. The word career is a common vocabulary used by students and people all over the world. Even those in the primary school are conversant with the word; career. What is career? Career, in a lay man’s understanding, is a job profession or work which one engages in order to earn a living.

According to Oxford Advanced Learned Dictionary the 9th Edition, Career is a series of jobs that a person has in a particular area of work usually involving more responsibility as time passes.

In career, there are various fields of work but they all belong to particular subjects. The courses are categorized or classified into Art or Science field of life. Students do make mistakes in their choice of career not because they don’t know the field in which that profession belongs to. For this reason I give it faith to enumerate some of the courses and their various fields, whether art or science.

MEDICINE: Medical Science, Surgery, cardiology, gynaecology, neurology, audiology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, pathology, pharmacy, pharmacology, physiology, psychology, phrenology.
ENGINEERING: Electrical electronic engineering, automobile engineering, civil engineering mechanical, aeronautical, chemical, genetic and social engineering. Also, building and constructing engineering bio engineering.
PHYSICS: Geophysics, biophysics, astrophysics, math physics, lab physics, nuclear physics.
CHEMISTRY: Biochemistry, lab chemistry, research chemistry, radio chemistry.
BIOLOGY: Microbiology, biochemistry, bioengineering. Other science courses include Botany, zoology, architecture, geography, geology, radiology.
AGRICULTURE: Heliculture apiculture, aquaculture, horticulture, fishery, forestry, farming and cultivating.
MATHEMATICS: Further mathematics, maths physics, maths computer.
COMPUTER STUDIES: Computer science, computer analyst, computer education, Mathematics computer, etc these are some of the courses under science.
Law, Political Science Banking and Financing Accounting, Bookkeeping, Office Practice, Visual Arts (fine applied arts), Performing Arts (music and dance), Mass Communication, Marketing, and Exportation, Bank Management, Management, Keyboarding, Site Management, Commerce, Insurance, Advertisement, Teaching, Languages and Linguistics and other Education Courses. These are some courses under art.
However, having seen some of these subjects and fields which they fall under, you can easily know the area of concentration while studying. The problem we have in recent times include the idea of choosing the wrong career because you think that it is more financially profitable. This is just the initiative of typical a African or black man. In this modern world, especially among Africans, people no longer go for their rightful choice of career instead they go for the one which they think will be more financial profitable i.e. where they will earn more money forgetting that it is not their suitable career. This ends us rendering the person quack in his chosen area of specialization. This also is the sole reason why the Whites ie the Westerners are superior to Blacks. You will see a white person| coming out from university with a degree in horticulture (study of flowers and ornamental plants) where he spent four years studing about flowers and plants. When that person graduates, you will see him being an expert in that particular career prospect. Though blacks will see it as waste of one’s time to study about flowers and also engage in careers which blacks foolishly call menial professions but the whites value those things and you will see flowers being imported from countries to Nigeria. It is certain that what the blacks need is quantity and not quality, otherwise people should bend low and find their suitable career for their own good. I am not trying to say that everybody should be an horticulturist or a carpenter rather, we should try and discover our God-given talents which will help us attain good careers and destinies in life. that’s not withstanding, there are factors that can influence your choice either positively, and these factors determine one’s choice of career. These factors must be considered while choosing your career else you will end up making wrong Career choices.

FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE OR DETERMINE ONE’S CAREER: Parental/peer group influence: Sometimes people do make wrong choices of career because their parents have mandated them to choose a career contrary to their intended choices. For instance, a boy who is gifted with a talent of drawing, dancing and singing or even good in reasonable arguments, instead of his parents to encourage him, they will ask him, is it by dancing, singing or drawing that you will make money? Why not go for Medicine or Engineering so that you make money very fast. But remember, the world most popular musician named Michael Jackson although dead, and the world greatest actort named Leonardo Davinci, all focused on their God’s gifted talents so, your friends can influence you either positively or negatively.
Childhood acts: Most times, one career is determined by his childhood acts. Those things that you always dream to be when you grow into maturity while you were still a young child go towards that especially those things you find interest in doing.

Pleasure/Happy mood acts: Those things that make you happy and which you find pleasure in doing also determine your career. If you are the type that always wants to teach somebody something and you find pleasure in doing that then it is 70% certain that you will be a teacher.

Best performances: The area where you perform marvelously well determines your career. although in some cases, the situation might change and you will see yourself not making it, but if you think that is your career, then keep on because that is only a challenge to you.

Poverty and Hunger: When one makes the wrong choice of career, he will end up not having anything to do because people will avoid him due to the fact that he don’t know what he had studied. For instance, a person who should be a teacher and he he made wrong choice of being a medical doctor dubiously because he feels that profession is his right career choice, people will avoid him because they know that he is a quack doctor and this ends up rendering the person jobless and from there, poverty and hunger will set in since he doesn’t have anything doing in order to earn a living. But when such persons reverse to the teaching profession, that is really their right choice of career.

Increase in Crime Rate: For the fact that those people who made wrong choices of career end up being useless and dying of hunger, they will devise means of fending for themselves, which is usually illegal, means like kidnapping, arm robbery, drug trafficking human and child trafficking, assassination, prostitution etc. This results to the high rate and increase in crime rates in our society which will eventually in the long run, results in the apprehension and subsequent punishment of the person.

Frustration: Wrong choice of career often renders one frustrated in life. People who are frustrated as a result of wrong choices of career which can bring about unfulfilled life and lack of satisfaction in their jobs have no one to blame because they are the architects of their problem.

Consider those factors which influence or determine one’s career choice.
Seek the advice of the Guidance Counselor or your school or whom you think that will give you the solution to your problem.
Don’t listen to anybody who mandates you of tries to entice you towards a particular career which is not our right choice, even your Parents. It is not disobedience because if they determine your career, some of them out of love and anxious to make money, they will end up misleading you (see parental/friend influence) Stand firm in that career which you cherish because nobody wishes himself bad luck and what you wish your self will come to you.
Keep good company and friends because bad company ruins good character. They will influence you negatively and you will end up being nobody in future.
Always pray and have good spiritual life because anything without God is nothing but one with God is majority. He will help you in choosing your career. Finally your career is your life, your destiny and your future, therefore choose wisely.