Brexit and The Fall of Theresa May

By Nwabueze Akabogu

The long-awaited resignation of the British Prime Minister, Theresa May finally came on 7th June 2019 when the beleaguered Premier dramatically announced her resignation thereby bringing to an inglorious end, her political career as the most unpopular and unsuccessful Prime Minister in recent British history . Theresa May’s shoddy handling of the rather intricate Brexit negotiation with the European Union (EU) leaders at Brussels and its fall out had clearly portrayed her as a lame duck leader in the eyes of the British people and which eventually swept her out of power like her predecessor David Cameron who naively called for the Brexit referendum in 2016 which equally dealt a devastating blow to his own political career.

The visibly shaken and subdued Theresa May, was close to tears as she acknowledged her abysmal and monumental failure to secure Brexit deal for her country which in her own words quote “I love so much” end of quote when she addressed the British people on live TV broadcast recently at 10 Downing Street, her official residence.

History will certainly remember the outgoing Prime Minister May as a weakling, unimaginative, and uninspiring leader who obviously lacked the authority and charisma to control her government and the Conservative Party at the most critical and uncertain moments in recent British history. She had literally abandoned the ship midstream and tragically failed to navigate the ship safely ashore.

Needless to emphasize the point that the current Brexit saga is the most contentious and complicated political issue ever witnessed by the British people in recent times even as the Brexit quagmire has terribly polarized the over sixty million Britons almost irredeemably along political divide.

Meanwhile, intense campaigns are already underway for the potential successor to Theresa May within the terribly battered and divided governing Conservative Party which is currently in total disarray consequent upon the Brexit uncertainty. About ten contenders are presently vying for the Premiership position but only a few could be considered as serious contenders and among them is the Flamboyant and loquacious former British Foreign Secretary and hard line Brexiteer, Boris Johnson who is clearly a front runner in the race and had already marshaled out his plans to finally break the ever lingering Brexit jinx or impasse if he emerges as the next British Prime Minister. He told the British people recently that Britain would insist on a fresh negotiation with the European Union (EU) on “a new Brexit deal” and that Britain must leave the E.U by the new departure date which is October 2019 “with or without a deal”.
However, British political watchers had warned that “no deal scenario” would certainly cause unimaginable catastrophic consequences to the British economy and her people. Members of the governing Conservative Party who are expected to choose their new leader and subsequently the next Prime Minister by the end of July 2019 no doubt, will consider all options available to them in the current extremely dire and unpredictable situation before choosing the next Prime Minister.

Nonetheless, whoever that eventually emerges as the next Conservative Leader and Prime Minister, will certainly have an uphill task of pulling Britain out of her present extremely precarious and messy situation that had already swept out two former Prime Ministers within a short period of three years. The next British Prime Minister therefore, must be a highly skilled and astute negotiator who will be able to find urgent solution to the seemingly intractable Brexit imbroglio and secure a decent and honourable Brexit deal for the terribly confused and dejected Britons and finally bring to a close one of the darkest periods in modern British history.

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