Blondie…the Proud Albino Part 2

Today I bring you the concluding part of my interview with the very delectable Miss Sandra Akpa, popularly known as Blondie. A staff of the Anambra Broadcasting Service, she rules her world by standing out in a society that has zero tolerance level for people with certain deficiencies. Blondie is a smart and happy young girl with her whole world revolving round her very successful life. She has defeated the part of society that stigmatizes people with one disorder or the other. She is one lady who left a deep impression on me, first day we met. Capturing her on this page was really timely as it was that time of year when the International Albinism Awareness Day was held in the state with a view to creating awareness for persons living with Albinism to shun the act of stigmatization, discrimination and every negative thing that comes with Albinism. Please, enjoy the rest of my interview with her…
Let’s look at your background. You are a beautiful girl and you speak so well. Tell us, where were you born? Where did you school? Where were you raised? What was your childhood like?
I am from Enugu State. I grew up in Enugu state. I was born in Enugu State. In fact, I’ve spent most of my life in Enugu State. That is the truth. It’s not like I am like this because I was born and flown out of the country. No. I am proud to tell you that I was born and brought up in Enugu state.
Are you the first child?
I’m actually the last child and only daughter of my parents.
Wow! The only daughter that turned out to be a beautiful smart albino.
Well, some of my siblings have a little touch of it but I got everything. (Laughter)
Alright, tell me about your childhood.
My childhood was fun, thanks to my parents and an amazing family. They made me have confidence. They made me turn out this way. I was never bullied. You can’t talk to me anyhow and get away with it. Even if you talked down on me, I have a sharp mouth. If I let you go scot free, it’s because I want to. I don’t bully people, either. I only bully people if they deserve to be bullied.
Okay. What about your love life? Do you mind talking about it?
My love life? Oh my God. I never expected this question. Okay, I am currently single, not because no one has approached me, but because I’ve not seen the right man. Let’s just put it that way. It’s not that I find it difficult to get some kind of attention. I already have the attention. That’s the truth. So, I just want the right person. Now, knowing the kind of job I’m into, I don’t want someone thinking I’m in love with you because you have a good voice. I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be arrogant. I want something beyond that. I don’t want someone looking at me because, ‘oh you’ve got a good skin.’ Automatically, the person is in love. Okay, I just need to have the right person in my life. That’s it.
What’s the happiest thing that ever happened to you?
A lot. First of all, my family. Remember I said, the success of any albino child starts from the family. So, my family is number one and number two is this job. It’s been my dream as much as I didn’t study Mass Communication. Somehow, I just found myself doing something that is related to Radio stuff and all of that. So, finally, I’m here doing what I love doing. That is why I’m parroting. (Laughter)
Which schools did you attend?
First of all, I attended Holy Child International Nursery School, Enugu. Then, primary school was University Primary School, Enugu Campus. Then, from there, I went on to Queens School, Enugu and from there, Enugu State University of Technology. And now, I’m here.
That’s impressive. Nobody will believe you did not school outside the shores of the country, really.
Thank you yeah. You know, you need to discover who you are and when you do, don’t just let it end there. Try to brighten yourself up a little. Look around, find some things that are related to what you are doing. Once you get yourself in those things, it’s really gonna help you a lot. You don’t really need to travel out, although it’s necessary. At some point when it’s not coming in, you make do with what you have.
So, what’s your last line to the Persons Living with Albinism?
Okay, my last line is to the persons living with Albinism is, I need you to be proud of yourself. Love yourself. The theme of his years International Albinism Awareness Day (IAAD) says, ‘be the light to the world’. It means you need to shine. You are a light already, so you need to shine. You need to come out of self-pity. Come out of condemnation. Come out of whatever negative thing you feel about yourself. Be proud of who you are and tell yourself, ‘you know what, this is what I want and I’m going to work towards it. I’m going to be this. I’m going to be that. But then, let it not just end verbally. You need to work towards being what you want to be in life. Be proud of who you are.
Thank you very much for your time, Blondie