Bishop Nwokolo to Politicians: Don’t Destroy This Country, Spare Us Another Civil Crisis

By Sunny A. Ijomah

The Bishop on the Niger, the Rt. Rev. Dr. Owen Nwokolo has lashed Nigerian politicians over what he described as their unimpressive actions and utterances in recent times and furiously challenged them not to drag the country into another civil unrest.

He remarked that the principal responsibilities of politicians are to co­ordinate and direct not only the affairs of the nation but also to create order out of chaos and not necessarily to cause confusion and disruption of the system.

The Bishop had, while explaining issues with journalists in Onitsha against the backdrop of the unfolding crises rocking the Upper Chamber said that the politicians are gradually setting off dangerous precedents which he said if not checkmated might torpedo the nation’s nascent democracy.

He said that rather than work hard to win the confidence of the people who elected them, the politicians instead behave so embarrassingly as if they are operating in a broken lawless political culture thereby giving the electorate the cause to feel disappointed in them.

“I have keenly watched but, with utter disappointment, the sordid drarrid which the politicians have been acting for the world of the present – day technology; how they have turned Nigeria into an object of caricature before the whole world.

“Some time ago, it was either fights in the National Assembly or the stealing of the Mace. Today, it is a gale of defections and lockouts coupled with impeachment threats. When will all this end? When will our politicians be mature and responsible7” Bishop Nwokolo questioned, fuming.

While calling the politicians to order, he reminded them of the enormity of work on ground before them which he said should rather keep them committedly buzy with one mind instead of their present selfish pursuit of frivolities, vainglory and political vendetta.

“With the problem of insecurity occasioned by Boko Haram and the Fulani Herdsmen’s insurgences staring us in the face, with the economic recession and its attendant hardship trying to crumble and impoverish the nation and with the intractable problem of youth unemployment fueling the flame of criminality among our youths, should any responsible man or woman of the nation’s political class allow themselves to be swayed off their proclaimed national call? Of course no reasonable politician that worth’s their salt can be so mean and permissive”, the Bishop emphasized.

Bishop Nwokolo therefore called on the erring politicians to rethink and retrace their steps as well as see themselves as true worshippers in the temple of political and ethical integrity.

He encouraged the politicians for a rededication and recommitment to a genuine national call devoid of corruption and deceit reminding them that service to God and humanity surpasses selfishness and services for personal agrandizement.

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