Bishop Dachelem Warms Catholics Against Fake Pastors And Ministers

The Catholic Bishop of Bauchi Diocese, Most Rev. Hilary Nanman Dachelem has warned Catholic faithful to stop running after what he described as fake pastors and ministers, who are meant to distract the children of God from the authentic teaching of the Catholic Church.

Bishop Dachelem, who gave the warning in his Homily to celebrate Corpus Christi Sunday, June 6 at the Holy Family Catholic Church in Bauchi, also decried the rate at which many Catholics are Ignorant of their faith.

According to the Bishop, the Catholic church is loaded with spirituality but most Catholics are empty as they struggle to find spiritual upliftment where there is no content and there is no presence of Jesus in the Holy communion.

He said the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass is rooted in the Bible and so nobody should tell them otherwise. “The Catholic Church is loaded but many Catholics are ignorant, the Church has the sacraments of the Body and Blood of Christ, which is what we are celebrating today, Corpus Christi. ‘Do this in memory of me’ But you will go to other churches, they will brainwash you by telling you something different. They will quote the Bible up-side-down, that is not even correct and you will condemn your priest that he doesn’t preach like that. That is the end for you. You will now leave the Church; they have brainwashed you with your consent”.

“Do not allow anyone to deceive you that there is nothing like Mass because the sacrifice of Jesus where he gave his Body and Holy Mass that we celebrate everyday”, Bishop Dachelem explained