Birth of Baby Boy Greets Farming Season

By Peter Nwasike

History was made on the day of Flagg-off of Anambra Farming Day 2019, when a baby boy was born at the venue, the Ekwueme Square, Awka, on Tuesday, July 2, 2019. A young expectant mother, who joined the crowd as a spectator, suddenly developed birth pangs, and the women around her, used their wrappers to form improvised labour theatre, for her privacy.

As arrangements were being made to take her to hospital, she suddenly delivered her child, and a bouncing baby boy arrived with the usual shrill cry to announce his emergence in the world.

An eye witness, Mr. Ihejirika Kelechi Ohuoha, who is the President of South East Youth Movement, and also a Rice Farmer, who came to participate in the Farming Season, made frantic efforts to send the mother and child to hospital. Luckly, Mr. Greg Akabueze, who is also a Maize farmer, volunteered his vehicle for the transportation to hospital. It was learned that both mother and child are doing well in hospital.

Mr. Ihejirika Kelechi Ohuoha, who is an enthusiastic Rice Farmer, in ecstasy, said that the baby boy shall grow to be a successful farmer, as the mother hails from Abakiliki, Ebonyi State, that is one of the States reputed for agriculture. He suggested that the boy shall be given a name that has connotation with farming, such as “EZEJI” (King of Yam), or “DIJI” (Master of Yam), as yam is the chief crop in Igboland, or even the name shall be “UBOSIUGBO” (Farming Day).

Mr. Ohuoha said that the birth of the boy is one of remarkable achievements of Obiano!s Agricultural Revolution. He said that the birth occoured soon after Governor Obiano left the venue of the ceremony; otherwise, the story would have been communicated to him, for announcement to the public. He expressed optimism that the good news shall be communicated to the Governor, and as a lover of children, the Governor shall send “Executive Congratulations” to the mother and child.

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