BBNaija’s Symbol, Lucifer Sign Catholic Priest

By Sunny A Ijoamh

A Nigerian Catholic priest working at Lux Terra Chaplaincy, Abuja, Rev Fr. George Ehusani, has condemned the Big Brother Nigeria (BBNaija) TV show, describing it as one with an evil connotation which

Rev Fr Ehusani, who stated this in his homily at the chaplaincy, last Sunday, September 5, noted that the symbol of the BBNaija show was a Lucifer sign.

He berated those who watch the show, saying that Christians who watch the BBNaija show were not real Christians. According to him, one should not be watching pornography and expect to make heaven.

Pointing out that there was nothing educative about the show, the Catholic priest, called on the government and the regulation body to take immediate action before the BBNAIJA show caused more harm to society and the youths.

‘What is Big Brother and what exactly do young people learn from the show? I want to tell you all that the symbol of big brother is an evil sign and it is known as the lucifer sign. You cannot be watching pornography and you call yourself a Christian. I have not seen anyone who said something educative and meaningful about the show, Fr Ehusani stated’.

He continued, ‘There are thousands of educative programs to watch on TV yet people chose to watch a TV show which was not in any way. The churches in USA in the past spoke against the show and it was taken off the US TV station. The menace of BBNaija in Nigeria should be addressed immediately before it destroys our society completely.