Awka Wonderland: how Not to Encourage Investors

Since the days of Governor Chukwuemeka Ezeife in Anambra State, investors have been called upon to come home, a call that was coined as ”Think Home Philosophy” by Ezeife and sustained by those after him. The expectation was, and has remained, that such investors who answer the call will be supported by government as a form of encouragement, being that encouraging them will in turn spur others into coming home.
By encouragement, we are talking about the various measures government can take to ease the problems faced by such entrepreneurs. They include, easy access to land; less difficulty in getting certificates of occupancy, provision of a secure environment, as well as provision of access roads.
Such investments include industries, hotels and recreational facilities. While the present and past governments have tried in providing some of these palliatives, a lot more still needs to be done. A tour of some of the industrial clusters and recreational facilities in the state will reveal that they lack access roads which will make their operations easier.
The need for such cannot be overstressed. Such facilities open up hitherto unoccupied areas and bring development. And when roads are constructed in those places, more development comes in.
One of such that comes to mind is a recreational masterpiece in Awka known as Awka Wonderland. In a city that sadly suffers from a dearth of recreational facilities, Awka Wonderland comes in as much needed boost. Located at Agu Awka, this facility sits in a large expanse of land and has such features as amusement facilities for kids, restaurant, parks, and air-conditioned halls for events. Little wonder that it has become a regular haunt by families eager to please their kids.
The facility is also located in the same area as the headquarters of the Mobile Police in Awka, known as MOPOL Base. There is also a church and residential buildings which have sprung up as a result of increased activity there. Sadly, however, the road leading to this new relaxation haven is in a bad state.
Coming at a time that Awka is slowly but steadily becoming lively, it is a no-brainer that every support should be given to this facility and what better support from government than the construction of the road leading to it.
The Agu Awka area cries for development by investors. It is an area that is lonely and prone to criminal activities. The influx of developers there is however reducing the danger in the area. It is therefore necessary that government comes in by providing access roads in such places.
We therefore urge the Anambra State Government to do the needful by providing an access road to this facility. It will not only be a win-win situation by generating revenue to the government, it will also provide more fun for families desirous of giving their kids a treat on weekends.