Awka Diocesan Catholic Men’s Organization (ADCMO) Continues Leadership Training at St. Edward’s Amawbia

By Precious Anaekie

The Ongoing training of Awka Diocesan Catholic Men Organization (ADCMO) was held on Sunday, 20th of October, 2019 at St. Edward’s Catholic Church, Amawbia.

The men were taught the Week 7 programme of ‘The Man Is You’ (TMIY) Manual by Rev. Fr. Jerome Okafor. The week’s training title was on Developing Integrity of Action. In the training, Fr. Okafor exposed men on how to fulfil authentic leadership especially in the family.

He said that the political leadership of a man involves thinking critically before taking a decision and action. He added that the military leadership of a man involves acting for what is right and fighting against what is wrong. In the economic leadership skills, a man is meant to lay a good foundation for his children and to make progress in their life. He explained that the moral leadership of a man involves living an exemplary lifestyle and so inspire people by Christ like nature. He said that in all the leadership skills, sacrifice is very important in the family. He encouraged Catholic men to always be willing to sacrifice for the family, children and the church.

In his concluding part of the lecture, he called on Catholic Men to have clarity of thought and integrity of action in all they do. He said that every marriage must be built on the foundation of Christ, to be able to withstand the storms of time.

A small group discussion was held after the training to answer these two questions: In what way do you need to gain better position of yourself? and How can we unite our marriage and children to Christ?

Responding to the questions above, Christopher Muoka from St. Mary’s, Nimo, said that praying together in the family is very important. He added that teaching the Children the ways of the Lord is a major factor to gain better position in the family. He urged men to always be ready to practice what they teach their children.

Contributing to this, Sir IK Nwugwa and Boniface Igwedibie, from St. Edward’s Parish, said that self-discipline and living an exemplary life in the family is an important tool in a Christian family. He said that fathers should always love their family and called for togetherness especially in tackling issues and solving problems.

Patrick A.N. Ezeobi (Chairman CMO of St. Andrew’s Parish, Adazi Nnukwu), said that instilling the fruit of humility, truthfulness, sincerity and peace in the family, influences the children positively and brings them closer to God.