Aso Rock Visit: Kudos to Our Catholic Bishops

In their bid to ensure that the Federal Government returns the principles of democracy to the Nigerian citizenry, the Catholic Bishops of Nigeria, under the aegis of Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria, CBCN, paid a courtesy visit to the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Gen Muhammadu Buhari, to discuss the state of the nation.
During the meeting attended by some delegates on behalf of the Catholic Bishops, they assured President Buhari that even though they were willing to work with him for the progress of the country, they were duty bound to point out some areas that he needed to pay great attention to for the progress the country.
They expressed their surprise that after three years of taking over the leadership of this country, he is yet to fulfil his promises to Nigerians, especially given his being perceived as a man of integrity.
Among the failures of the Buhari Administration they frowned against since he assumed office are youth restlessness, cultism, crime, violence and the biting economic hardship. They also brought up the issue of herdsmen and their brutal attacks on innocent citizens across the country.
It is interesting to note that they referred to those herdsmen as terrorists and condemned their massive waste of life and property of Nigerians. They expressed their displeasure also, on the silence of the federal government in the face of all these and advised the president to sit up and make the duty of protecting the life and property of the citizenry a top priority.
As for the introduction of cattle colonies in different states of this country, they condemned it and rather advised the government to consider a better option like open grazing, while taking that extra step ahead to aid farmers who Nigerians depend on their produce to feed.
The issue of security was also discussed and they advised the federal government to equip the police force with better high-tech gadgets that will help them track down criminals and bring them to book.
They strongly condemned the issue of sectionalism and urged the president to promote national unity by ensuring that the distribution of federal government appointments and amenities are spread across all states and ethnic divides, unlike what is obtainable in our country where only certain ethnic groups are favoured.