Christless Christians, the Nigerian Story

Nigerians will never cease to amaze me. Daily, one sees, hears and reads things that can only happen in Nigeria; a land of a multitude of churches and even more supposed Christians. Yet, it is a co ...

Feb 19, 2018

What a Week!

CHAN Eagles: they flattered to deceive in Morocco It was an interesting week in which things happened that were either saddening or down right laughable. Laughable ...

Feb 09, 2018

Don Waney: When Elders Act Cheap

He was easily one of the most notorious criminals in the annals of Nigeria's criminal history. His name was Don Waney. He lived and operated in Rivers State where he bestrode his ''kingdom'' like a ...

Feb 02, 2018

Obasanjo, Nigeria's Unlikely Hero

I've never really made up my mind on Olusegun Obasanjo, former military head of state, as well as former president of Nigeria. He is somebody that is really difficult to decode. At one moment he so ...

Jan 26, 2018

Are We Ready for the New Jihad?

Things are certainly happening with lightning speed in our country these days. Before you mull over the latest incident, another takes place, leaving you very confused. But the things happening are ...

Jan 19, 2018

New Year, Same Problems

We are in a new year when we are supposed to jettison our old bad habits and turn a new leaf. As a nation, we badly need to turn a new leaf based on the many ugly incidents that rocked the nation l ...

Jan 12, 2018

Igbo Governors, Time to Face Reality

I begin this piece, my first in the New Year, by telling you this story; a story that best exemplifies the Igbo spirit. It was way back in the time I graduated from the University. I had just colle ...

Jan 05, 2018

INNOSON: Nkea Bu Kwa Nke Anyi O!

If you are looking for one of the greatest Igbo business men, if not the best, that man is Chief Innocent Chukwuma. From a humble beginning as a tyre merchant in Nnewi, he slowly became an authorit ...

Dec 22, 2017



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