As the Rains Set In

The rainy season is finally upon us. The last few days have witnessed heavy rains already which had devastating effects in some communities, notably the governor’s home town, Aguleri. If that was a sampler of what to expect this year, it behoves the government to ensure that adequate measures are taken to protect what is left of the roads from further deteriorating.

With what is on ground at the moment, many roads may not survive this rainy season.

It is important therefore, that the Ministry of Works and the Anambra State Road Maintenance Agency put heads together to map out strategies on how to fix all bad roads in the state in preparation for the rainy season, especially since it may not be possible to embark on the construction of new roads in the rainy season.

Notably, the road maintenance agency in the state has started doing some palliative works in some areas. They however need to step it up and comb the state for all areas that need to be fixed, while ensuring that quality work is done on all such places. Many important roads are still riddled with potholes and crying out for attention. Should these roads not be given attention, they will be virtually impassable after the rainy season.

It is bad enough that the state witnesses traffic jams, owing to the areas where there are road blocks, following the security situation in the state. It will be bad, and, indeed, frustrating for motorists in the rainy season, to have to deal with bad roads, as well when the time comes.

Although it is almost rather late in the day; being that road maintenance should have been long completed, it is still expedient that the State Ministry of Works and the Anambra State Road Maintenance Agency take this up as a major agenda to work on.

Expecting the rainy season to end before embarking on palliative repairs will have disastrous consequences. The ongoing efforts should therefore be sustained and at a faster pace to avoid road mishaps.