Archbishop Okeke, Bishop Isizoh Congratulate Soludo, Urge Anambrarians for Support

By Sunny A. Ijomah

The Archbishop of Onitsha and Metropolitan of Onitsha Ecclesiastical Province, His Grace Most Rev. Valerian Mmaduka Okeke and his Auxiliary, His Lorship Most Rev. Denis Isizoh joyfully felicitated with the newly inaugurated executive Governor of Anambra State, Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo.

The Chief Shepherd while congratulating the new Governor said, “It is my privilege and duty to call on men and women of good will and even those of bad will, to support the new administration led by Prof. Soludo and to work for better Anambra, better Igbo land, and better Nigeria.”

Speaking on the ongoing agitations especially in the South East, the Chief Shepherd said ”You don’t gain anything from killing your brothers and sisters. You don’t gain anything destroying life and property.

“If you are annoyed or an opposition group annoys you and you go home and kill your mother, something is wrong with you, because your opposer will be very happy that you kill your mother and you may even go on killing your father, siblings and yourself. So, you have no fight to do again and your opposer will be extremely happy because you are making his work simpler.”

The Prelate further called on people of the State to work for progress, peace and to work for brotherly affection. “Let all of us support the new Governor so that if he has something great to do, he will joyfully and efficiently do that.” We equally thank the erstwhile Governor Chief Willie Obiano for his good accomplishments in the State, especially the flyovers built at Awka, the security in Anambra for a reasonably time, the International Cargo Airport etc. We pray God to bless him in his future endeavours.”

Also, Bishop Isizoh in his contribution said the immediate past Governor did his best in uniting and transforming the state. ”We pray God to bless him and his family because he really preformed well as a Governor and has creditably paid his dues.

”We have listened to the new Governor and observed his readiness and willingness to make greater impact in the State.

“We call on Anambrarians and other residents of the State to support Prof. Soludo with prayers so that God can bequeath him with enough grace to deliver on his promises and so that his good desires for the State will be converted into a concrete reality.

“We also pray the Good Lord to provide the Governor with good kitchen cabinet that will greatly assist him realise his good dreams for the State. Let us support him because if he performs excellently, we all stand to gain and become beneficiaries of his good administration, but if he fails, we all will suffer it.”