Another Look at the Barricades at Amawbia Bypass

For long, the Amawbia Bypass has resisted every effort by past governments to fix it. Indeed, ever since the regime of Chris Ngige through that of Peter Obi, that road had kept deteriorating after each reconstruction. Late last year, the Willie Obiano Administration, for the second time worked on the road, this time reconstructing parts of it. It was an action hailed by many people who use that road.

As a follow up, the state government put up barricades at both ends of the road, probably to bar heavy duty vehicles from plying the road. It is well known that such vehicles contribute to the dilapidation of roads. Thus the setting up of the barriers was equally hailed.

However, there are a few problems with the barricades. First of all, they are a bit too high. As a result of this, some heavy duty vehicles still get past them. For as long as these vehicles still ply the road, the aim of putting up the barriers will be defeated as the road will again not stand the test of time.

Secondly, the barricade at the Old Road axis is not properly situated, because vehicles coming from the Onitsha end do not get to see it until they have turned. By then, it is too late. When they see it and decide to reverse, it causes traffic gridlock.

The other day, a trailer driver was seen trying to reverse there after nearly hitting the barricade. He did not see the barricade on time because of the place it is situated. While trying to reverse, traffic quickly built up to the chagrin of drivers.

This issue needs to be addressed by probably bringing this particular barricade (the one at Amawbia Old Road traffic lights) a little forward and placed diagonally after the traffic lights from the Umuokpu end.

This will ensure that heavy duty vehicles coming from that side will see it and go on straight towards the Amawbia/Nibo roundabout. It will not only reduce the rate of traffic congestion, it will as well, prevent road accidents if placed properly. It can only be imagined what may happen if an articulated vehicle rams into it at night.

It has therefore become imperative that the concerned authorities rectify these problems to consolidate on the gains made by reconstructing the road. A stitch in time saves nine!

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