This novel idea of the inter-catholic secondary schools music competition came as an attempt to answer the question of moral decadence in our society today. This, among others, is caused by some of the unpopular music we listen to or music videos we watch. The influences of such unedifying music are conspicuous in our society today.

The culture of good choir is not strong in our Catholic schools today and because of that, the culture of hip hop music and other forms of secularism have overtaken and swayed our youths so much that morality is being dragged to the mud and nobody seems to be sensitive about it. Hence, like the cancer, it has negatively affected all aspects of our youths’ lifestyle: the thought pattern, the language and communication pattern, mode of dressing, respect for elders and other unpopular characters.

Therefore, at this juncture, the adage: ‘teach a child a way to go and when he/she grows up, will not depart from it’, plays a vital role here. Christian/healthy music forms an essential part of their moral lessons at school as an avenue of “catching them young”. Since good Christian music leads one faster into the mood of prayers, it therefore helps one in building a better foundation of one’s spiritual life, for who sings well, prays twice.


To create the awareness of the number of Catholic secondary schools we have in Awka Dioceses presently apart from the popular ones.

To initiate a healthy relationship between the students of these schools through healthy competition such as this, to install healthy society tomorrow.

To restore our Catholic hymnal orthodoxy which has been bastardized by secularism and Pentecostalism, by laying a good music foundation for our young Catholics and future musicians?

To discover the hidden talents latent in these schools by harnessing talents in different fields of music like vocalists, soloists, instrumentalists et cetera.

To teach and uphold in our Catholic students the culture of the language of the church (Latin) which the faithful are losing grip of everyday and other songs in our vernacular.


The maiden edition of this competition, which was organized by Angelic Voices Foundation in collaboration with Education Department, Catholic Diocese of Awka, took place on the 12th of November, 2016. Since then it has yielded many positive results among the youths of our mission secondary schools in Awka Diocese and beyond.

The competition provided a wonderful opportunity for each of the secondary schools in Awka Diocese to have a standard choir of their own.

Thanks to the support of our school managers who keyed into the idea and to the approval of our bishop, Most Rev, Dr. PaulinusEzeokafor who saw a vision in the project. The maiden edition was before the creation of Ekwulobia Diocese under Fr. Sebastine Onuorah as the Diocesan Education Secretary.

This 2nd edition, which took place on the 19th of November, 2022, showcased the secondary schools in the new Awka Diocese with so many attractive features. The competition was done in three categories. Category A: Only boys schools, Category B: Only girls school’s and Category C. Mixed (boys and girls) schools.



  1. Loretto Special Science School,Adazi
  2. Rosa Mystica High sch.,Agulu
  3. St John of God Sec. Sch.,Awka
  4. St Joseph’s Girls Secondary Sch.,Nimo
  5. Handmaid Sec. Sch.,Amansea
  6. Holy Rosary College, Nise
  7. Stella Maris Girls Sec. Sch.,Abagana


  1. Bubendoff Memorial Grammar sch.,Adazi
  2. Tansi International college,Awka
  3. St Michael Comprehensive Sec. Sch.,Nimo
  4. St. Mary’s High Sch.,Ifitedunu.


  1. Holy Queen Sec. Sch.,Aguluzigbo
  2. St. Anthony’s Comprehensive Insti.,Agulu
  3. Holy Spirit Sec. Sch.,Ebenebe
  4. St Theresa’s Intl. Sec. Sch.,Enugwu Ukwu
  5. St Theresa’s Sec. Sch.,Ugwuoba
  6. Ekwu Mem. Sec. Sch.,Amawbia
  7. Viktor Frank Mem. Sec. Sch.,Nimo
  8. St. Albert the Great College,Agulu


  1. Arch. Angel Gabriel Sec. Sch.,Ifitedunu
  2. St Lucy Sec. School,Awka
  3. St Augustine’s Sec. Sch., Ichida
  4. Divine Mercy Sec. Sch.,Adazi Enu
  5. St Patrick’s College, Awka
  6. St Paul’s Sec. Sch.,Achalla
  7. St. Stephen’s Sec. Sch.,Nise
  8. St. Mary’s College, Awka

Indeed there were huge turnout of schools and students to the event, for it promises to always be enriching. The preliminaries took place on 17th Nov. 2022 at St. Andrews Cath. Church, Adazi Nnukwu, Bubendoff Memorial Grammar School, Adazi Nnukwu and Rosa Mystica High School, Agulu respectively.

Hence, those who made it in the first, second and third positions in the different groups were selected for the finals on 19th November, 2022 which took place at St John of God Sec School, Awka.   The result of the finals came out with many surprises and the result is as follows:

Boys’ category: 1st position – St Michael’s Comprehensive Sec. Sch.,Nimo

2nd position – Tansi International College,Awka

3rd position – St. Mary`s High Sch.,Ifitedunu

Girls’ Category: 1st position – Loretto special science school,Adazi

2nd position – Holy Rosary College, Nise

3rd position – Rosa Mystica High sch.,Agulu

Mixed Category: 1st position – St Patrick`s College,Awka

2nd position – St. Mary’s College, Awka

3rd position – St. Anthony`s Comprehensive Insti.,Agulu

This competition came at the right time to grace the occasion of the 70th Birthday Anniversary of our dear Bishop, Most Rev, Dr. PaulinusEzeokafor.  To our Bishop we say, Ad multosannos! Indeed, the talents are being discovered, to God be all the glory.


The sponsorship of the competition is open to well meaning groups and individuals of Anambra State specifically and Nigeria in general. We say thank you so much to our sponsors so far:

Bishop Paulinus Ezeokafor

HE Chief Willie Obiano

Honorable Ferdinand Dozie Nwankwo

Barrister Anthony Agbasiere

Awka Diocesan Education Department

Angelic Voices Foundation.


This competition serves as our candid contribution towards the growth of music and morality in our Catholic secondary schools and to peace, unity and good neighborliness among our Catholic schools’ students through this medium of music competition and other subsequent activities. Knowledge is power, health is wealth but music is the food of the soul which creates a healthy mind in a healthy body.