Andy Uba Promises Total Victory for Buhari in Anambra, Eyes Senate Presidency

By Ikeugonna Eleke

The Senator Representing Anambra South, and state coordinator, President Muhammadu Buhari Campaign Council, Senator Andy Uba, has promised to mobilize total Victory for President Buhari in Anambra State in the forthcoming presidential elections.

Uba stated this when he met with the leadership of the All Progressives Congress in his ward; Uga Ward One, Aguata Local Government Area, to intimate them of the task ahead.

He said his reason for beginning his campaign in the ward was to fulfill the saying that charity begins at home, but assured that he would use his position to mobilize voters from the state to vote for himself as the senator representing Anambra South, and, most importantly, for President Buhari who he adjudged as performing very excellently.

Noting that there were many things that the President was doing that the people did not know about, he said they would take those good works to the rural people of Anambra and ensure that they assimilated them and use them to see reasons why they should vote the president.

‘There are projects like the Zik Mausoleum that had been abandoned for several years, but now constructed by the Buhari Administration. There is the Second Niger Bridge which is still on-going and seriously too, and there is also the Enugu-Onitsha expressway.

‘There are several more projects and our job is to tell the people of them and mobilize them to vote for President Buhari,’ Uba, whose younger brother, Chris, is also vying for the same position but on the platform of the PDP, said.

The senator also added that Igbos had a lot to benefit from Buhari if they voted him, saying that he (Buhari) was ready to support the Southeast to produce the senate president in 2015 but could not find an APC ranking senator from the zone, leading to the position being clinched by another zone.

He said if Igbos voted Buhari in the coming election, he was sure that the senate presidency would come from the Southeast, especially as the people were also ready to vote senators from the zone on the platform of APC.

‘You need to have people who are ranking senators from the zone who can be made the Senate President. I am vying for a seat in the senate for the third time, and that among other things, qualifies me to be a ranking senator who would be qualified to be a senate president.

‘There are some people who are contesting for the senate against me, but cannot as do as little as read documents.

‘To be a senate president, you have to be a ranking senator, and you have to have been in the senate for at least eight years and must have a number of bills you have sponsored. So Igbos must vote wisely in their choice of senators,’ Uba said.

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