And Buhari Continues to Marvel us…

I have never been a fan of Gen Muhammadu Buhari. I never was, never have been and never will be. I believe I made this very crystal during the election that ushered in his government. I remember being shocked at the way the ruling president then, Goodluck Jonathan was being literally abused and called all sorts of names. He was more insulted by our own brothers here from the southeast who actually sang the ‘Change’ anthem louder than every other tribe in the country. The social media was indeed awash with all sorts of derogatory names for Jonathan and I remained unshakeable in my belief in him. I knew that it would only be a matter of time before Buhari who appeared like a long awaited Messiah of some sort to certain Nigerians will show his true colour. Yes. This, I believe, is exactly what is happening now. Was it in one of Chinua Achebe’s novels that I came across these words- ‘the wind has blown and all have seen the anus of the cock!’ Yes. President Buhari has taken over the mantle of leadership in our dear country and Nigerians have seen him for who he really is.
So, who is Gen Muhammadu Buhari? I think among so many things, I can describe him as a man with dictatorial tendencies who does not have the interest of the people of this country at heart. I can also describe him as a man who is being crushed under the weight of a country far bigger for him to handle. I can describe him as a confused man who was desperate for power, but now that he has the power, he doesn’t know how to use it in fulfillment of his promises to his countrymen. I might be accused of sounding really bitter but whoever describes me as bitter might not be too far from the truth. I am angry. I am frustrated. I am hating the fact that the peace in this country which we have relatively enjoyed all these years in spite of the so called hardship in the country might never be restored again. Nigerians are known for suffering and smiling. We are great survivors. That is why no matter how bad the situation of things are in the country, the average Nigerian will always be on the go. However, things are no longer the same. Buhari’s government has changed it all.
You see, the basic duty any government owes her people is protection of life and property. It is however sad that since the Buhari-led government came into power, this country has lost more lives than it has ever recorded. Among some of his campaign promises was the pointer that he will curb the menace of Boko Haram completely. Unfortunately, he seems unperturbed about the incessant killings by innocent Nigerians. This time, it’s no longer a clear case of Boko Haram. It’s his kinsmen, the fulani herdsmen. They have turned into our worst nightmare in the country. The brazen manner in which these herdsmen launch their attacks reminds one of the proverbial thief who breaks the door with his legs because he has the backing of his father. Here in Anambra state, a lot of farmers have lost all their crops to the menace of these herdsmen. I once wrote an article here on Frank Talk about a farmer who borrowed N5m (Five million naira) from his bank and invested in farming. This is something he does every year. However, just last year, he lost everything to herdsmen. They came with their cattle every night for about one consecutive week and destroyed his crops all in the name of grazing their cattle. At the end of the day, he lost it all. Nothing to show for it. On the day he came to Fides, he was literally in tears. How would he repay the loan he undertook for that investment? He is just one out of so many Nigerians who have sad tales to tell because of the menace of these herdsmen. Sadly, these herdsmen are sacred cows and have never been arrested for any of their atrocities. They work for the powers that be in our dear country and that is why I keep wondering why they want free grazing lands. With the kind of money they make from their cows, it is obvious that they can comfortably afford and maintain grazing lands. But the truth is that they do not need grazing lands. What they want is vast acres of free lands in every state in the country which will be a preparatory ground for their jihad. One thing about these Fulani herdsmen is that once you give them a little space, they will never observe your customs and before you know it, they’ll begin to see you as an infidel because your beliefs vary from theirs. Next thing is, they will wipe off your town and take over your lands. Remember, they came with their AK47 and other dangerous weapons. You have nothing because you are in your home and have no need to be armed. Terrible, indeed!
It was in a town called Nimbo in Enugu state that these herdsmen unleashed unimaginable terror to unsuspecting villagers and almost wiped them out. Just like in Benue, they gruesomely murdered women, children, the aged, pregnant wives, etc. They set people’s houses on fire, including a church. By the time they were done, the remaining few survivors fled the town out of fear. And both in the Nimbo and Benue tragedies, President Buhari didn’t think it wise to visit the towns and commiserate with the survivors of the mayhem. I was shocked when his representative to Benue described the massacre as a mere ‘communal clash’. Terrible, indeed. However, like I earlier said, I hope his supporters have now realized who the clueless president is, between him and Jonathan. Buhari has failed the citizens of this country in the area of protection. Every indices point to the fact that the bloodshed recorded in Nigeria rates highest under him. He has polarized this country against herself judging from the kind of clashes recorded so far. We have clashes between the Igbos and the Hausas; Christians and Moslems; hausas and fulanis, and so on, with due thanks to Buhari’s government of sectionalism.
Need I talk about Buhari’s lopsided appointments? He might be senile, clueless, analogue and daft, but he has very craftily carried out an ethnic and regional cleansing in his usual manner by compulsorily retiring 90% of Army Officers in active service. You and I know that by so doing, he has cunningly configured the entire National Security Structure into the hands of the Nothern-Muslim-Hausa-Fulani solely, thereby excluding all other ethnic blocs in the country. We do not need to be told that there is indeed fire on the mountain.
I will end this article with this piece from Bishop Hassan Kukah. It definitely made a lot of sense. Kindly go through it and make your own judgments. I specially thank all the men of God from all denominations who have been speaking up in condemnation of the Buhari Administration. Hear him:
Anyone who thinks the Biafra agitation is a nuisance and irritating should know that it is not the collective aspiration of all Igbos but especially that no one has the monopoly of nuisance. Nuisance begets nuisance. When you stay with potash loaders you too will share in their dusty hair. It is in this country that the same standards are not held against all. Some can get away with anything but others cannot get away with something. I shudder at those who blame the agitators for agitating. Everyone knows what is good for them. If you don’t know what is good for you then shut up and don’t obstruct those who know what is good for them. If I have my way I will cease to be a Nigerian because there is no sense of nationhood. Those who have leverage over others use it to oppress them. Otherwise how can you explain the audacious impunity of a certain section of this country? They can intimidate everybody, even a sitting president and get away with it. When GEJ was president he was literally harassed by this same people until they sent him packing and we thought they will be appeased. But alas we were mistaken!
Now how do I love a country where a murderous terrorist group like the herdsmen acclaimed even internationally as deadly is being openly defended by a government that wants my loyalty. Do you know as I make this comment, a first class Chief of Bokkos LGA in plateau state was murdered by a certain group of Fulanis almost a year now and no one has been arrested not to talk of prosecution? There are many villagers in my parish who cannot go to farm again except to farm their backyard because their farms have been forcefully annexed by their Fulani murderers. That in Bokkos, a wife and a daughter can be taken away right before her husband or father and be repeatedly raped then released at the convenience of the barbaric Fulani tribesmen and no one dares talk? Police will advise you to go and settle the matter through dialogue? I want independence from a country where terrorists are embraced and agitators are terrorized.
At the slightest excitement, a Hausa or Fulani man can kill you and get away with it. It has happened and continues to happen but when you gear up to defend yourself because security will not, then you are caught by the same security who will lecture you on how to be peaceful and law abiding. This country will end unless there is justice for all. Rubbish! I hate the lie that Nigeria is. Let’s say the truth and die but it is what will set us free. Nigeria is negotiable to me the oppressed even if it’s not to the oppressor and that is normal. “The only right Nigerians concede to you is the right to agree with them” – Bishop Kukah
What more can I say? Except that Conscience is an open wound and only truth can heal it. Thanks for your time. God bless us all.