Anambra’s Achievements, Enormous-Petroleum and Mineral Resources Commissioner

In commemoration of the 31st anniversary of the creation of Anambra State, the State Commissioner for Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Barr Anthony Ifeanya, has commended the various key players in the state, saying that the state had a lot to boast of in terms of human, material and economic resources.

Barr Ifeanya in his reaction said a lot had been achieved today in the state. He traced the development history of Anambra State from August 1991 when it was created under the military leadership of Navy Captain Joseph Abulu to the current civilian administration of Professor Chukwuma Soludo and remarked that Ndi Anambra had cause to smile, having experienced the vicissitudes they passed through and the present promising condition.

The Petroleum Commissioner pointed out that today, Anambra could boast of a quality administrative structure, bridges, quality health care and educational facilities, as well as food security and better welfare.

Commissioner Ifeanya observed that Soludo’s leadership had fought a gallant battle against insecurity and had freed the state from the grip of criminals.

According to Barrister Ifeanya, every onye Anambra reposed implicit confidence in the current administration, believed in where it was going and was optimistic that it would achieve all its set goals within the shortest possible time.

He observed that with the high tempo of multi-sectoral development going on in the state, the complete modernization of parks, markets and I.G.R. management and the speed with which its policies were implemented and the seriousness shown by the state Chief Executive in the course of governance, the administration was determined to put smile on the faces of the citizenry by providing them good governance.

Barrister Ifeanya noted that during the 31st anniversary, most of the citizens were seen in high spirits, full of expectations for the better, even as he urged them to give maximum support to the Soludo administration.