Anambra Govt’s Reward to Technovation Girls, Step in Right Direction

The Anambra State Government last Monday lived up to her promise of celebrating the six students of Regina Pacis Model School, Onitsha who won the World Technovation Challenge Competition recently held in San Fransisco, USA. At an elaborate ceremony at the Governor’s Lodge, Amawbia, the state governor, Chief Willie Obinao, gave each of the girls a cash reward of N1 million along with University scholarship. Their principal, Rev Fr Vincent Ezeaka, and their mentor, Mrs Uche Onwuamaegbu were given N2 million each.

Coming almost at the same time as the state celebrated her 27 years of creation, it was surely something to celebrate.

It will be recalled that the champions locked horns with their fellow students from nine technologically advanced countries like the USA, India, Turkey, China, Uzbekistan, Spain, among others, by inventing a mobile application called FD-detector which would enhance the detection of fake drugs.

The feat recorded by the girls is no doubt a reflection of the investment in education by the state government and a development that will further boost the education sector in the state, as well as encourage the state government to do more.

We are pleased with the swift response of the state government and feel sure that it demonstrates her genuine interest in making education the bedrock of the state’s future.

The response of the state government is also commendable as it came at a time when the young ones have developed a warped idea of proper role models, as well as losing interest in education and embracing inanities.

We believe that nothing spent in the education sector will amount to a waste, as a country or state without a good foundation which education offers, will have no future.

The young people must be made to see education as a key to their future and the feat of these girls and the response by the state government will no doubt act as a fillip to the said young ones.

What the state government has done is by far better than wasting money on beauty pageants and other inconsequential pursuits which end up not benefitting society.

We once again commend the Anambra State Government, as well as the victorious girls who brought honour to the state.

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