News Update

Anambra Celebrates New Yam Festival with Premium Beer Brand, Guinness

By Jude Atupulazi

Premium beer brand, Guinness, has once more bonded with the people of Nnewi, Anambra State, by marking this year’s New Yam Festival.

The New Yam Festival is an annual thanksgiving festival, typically held in August, which symbolizes the end of a harvest and the beginning of the next farming cycle.

For over a century, the festival has been held in the Middle Belt, South and East of Nigeria, fostering love, unity, and progress.

This year, the partnership between Guinness and the people of Nnewi reinforced their commitment and support for a rich cultural heritage and vibrant expressions, with the occasion showcasing what has been described as the stunning colours of the Anambra people, the beautiful cultural feats of dance and music, local delicacies, and energetic performances.

Mark Mugisha, Marketing, and Innovation Director at Guinness Nigeria Plc., elaborating on the importance of the partnership between Guinness and the people of Nnewi, said, ‘Guinness, as a brand, is deeply rooted in culture, and therefore we are keen on the celebration of the passion that enables our audience to create timeless experiences together, where they shine brightest.’

The people of Nnewi expressed their delight that Guinness joined them in the celebration of the long-standing tradition of the New Yam Festival.

Musisha enjoined those intent of finding more about the partnership to follow @GuinnessNGR on Instagram and Guinness Nigeria on Facebook to participate in the conversation, using the hashtags #BlackShinesBrightest and #GuinnessNewYamFestival.