Anambra Based Journalist Presents New Book

By Mmaduabuchi Onwumelu

Anambra Based Journalist, Comrade Michael Ezenwata, founder of The Authors Guild International, has officially presented his book “The Great Dicta of Michael Ezenwata” to the public.

The event took place recently at the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) State Secretariat, Godwin Ezeemo International Press Centre, Awka.

The chairman of the occasion, Prof. Ken Nwuba, a lawyer, said that educational prowess was superior to money, emphasizing that education paid more than anything.

Prof. Nwuba encouraged intellectuals to begin to market the idea of promoting their intellectual prowess, emphasizing that it would help to shape and change the future, stating that ‘this is our chance’.

He expressed disappointment that most of the graduates could not write simple sentences correctly.

‘Get our people to know that their liberation revolves around education as education wipes away ignorance, poverty, others.

Let’s begin to consciously train ourselves, our children and friends, in godliness. When we begin to pursue the things of this world from that perspective, crime will come down.

‘Because we are not throwing guns, our people in the university would go into cultism and kill their fellow students, using their heads to play football.

Prof. Nwuba decried what was happening at Abakiliki Street, Awka, where he said prostitution was the order of the day.

He commended Comrade Ezenwata, describing him as a man of ideas.

The book reviewer, Associate Prof. Emma Nwobu, said “The Great Dicta of Michael Ezenwata” – 21st Century Edition, was a collection of 100 properly articulated wise sayings, a must read for all.

Associate Prof. Nwobu, while describing Ezenwata as a great writer, noted that investing in education was very important, even as he urged all to encourage writers to do more.

‘Ezenwata passes the message across the board, touching our psychological mind, home, society, every aspect of life, through selected words,’ Nwobu noted.

He said that the author used simple expressions to write the book, passing the message to all families and encouraged all to pick a copy before leaving, even as he recommended the book for schools and libraries.

He also urged the author not to be discouraged, explaining that one day he would be recognized. He advised him to leave money, noting, ‘money is devil and evil.’

He said it was knowledge that one acquired that would make one what one would be in future.

The book reviewer enjoined all to treat their enemies as they should treat their friends and by so doing, acquire more respect and reverence from them.

‘When your enemy is fighting you and you keep quiet, he will think that you are weak. Immediately you challenge, you create more problems.

‘So you can stay away and be quiet as if you don’t know anything; that person will say this is a very nice person, tomorrow he would respect you and there will be peace, happiness and life continues,’ he said.

He cited Dictum 69: ‘The world is like a plain sheet of paper and we individuals inhibiting it are like uncountable pens struggling to create one’s own impression on it.’

Nwobu said the current situation in the country required that one must struggle as people had been abandoned by society and government.

He said that the book contained everyday realities of life, believing that the book would go worldwide. He urged all to nurture God’s gift in them and make it a fruition.

Earlier in an address of welcome, the author, Mr Ezenwata, commended his invitees, explaining that their presence was a moral booster for him to forge ahead in his second nature (writing).

Ezenwata said it took him 28 years after the 1994 publication of ”The Great Dicta of Michael Ezenwata”, another collection of 100 quotable quotes, to produce the one he was presenting.

He said the quotes were not only legendary, educational, provocative and inspiring, but deeply spiritual and captured the real essence of life.

‘The quotes also provide escape routes to numerous challenges facing man in society he finds himself.

Ezenwata explained that quotes of that nature were very imperative and instructive as they had the capacity to inform the uninformed, educate the uneducated, embolden the weak, console the depressed, empower the less privileged, and direct the visionless.

He said he had decided to offer to society, particularly the one he lived in, some encouraging words to make them see reason to move on with life.

He urged government at all levels to aim at promoting the reading culture, award scholarships to best essay writers, equip libraries, among others.

Ezenwata while welcoming Gov. Charles Soludo on board, enjoined him to synergise with writers and Media practitioners in the state to facilitate his administrative vision.

Some dignitaries that graced the event included the Mothers of the Day, Prof. Nneka Nnorom and Mrs Gloria Obiora-Ibezim; Mr Tony Nezianya, former SSA to Gov. Willie Obiano on Media.

Others were Odogwu Emeka Odogwu, Chairman State NUJ and HRM Igwe Benjamin Okeji of Omasi.