All Work and No Play – School Run Met TICA at Game Time

By Chinecherem Efobi

School Run zoomed in at Tansi International Collage Awka {TICA}on Wednesday 12th of February 2020 and saw the students really enjoying themselves with different types of games as the school called it. School Run got interested in what they were doing and spoke to some students about sports.

For a JSS2 student, Nweke Francis Kamsi from Umubele Awka, he enjoys back flip which was what he was doing when I caught up with him. He also said that he liked playing football.

Nwokoye Lotachukwu in SSS2 from Awgbu said that he was a footballer and he liked watching football whenever he went for holiday. He jokingly noted that any day the school would have no time for school games, he would simply go home.

Nnemba Henry from Enugu in JSS1 in his own opinion made it clear that he didn’t like any games and when others are doing it, he would just be watching them. He concluded that among all the games they normally play in the school that he mostly enjoyed those who play Volleyball.

Nweke Kamsi enjoying his back flips game