Agbogidi, Doyen of Local Govt Administration, and His Legacies

By Jude Atupulazi

If achievements were to be determined by size, Agbogidi Chuba Anadi, provides a ready example. After 35 years of bestriding the local government system of Anambra State like a colossus, which he indeed is, Agbogidi finally called time on a job he knew like the back of his hands, leaving many legacies that many players in the system, including the state government, are still applauding.

Last Wednesday, the Anambra State Local Government Service Commission, LGSC, rallied to commend Anadi with a merit award for the humongous service he rendered in his active years. The award to Agbogidi is coming after he retired officially in 2018 as Head of Service/ Head of Local Government Administration.

While reading a citation on Agbogidi, the chairman, Anambra State Local Government Service Commission, Sir Dr Peter Egenti, described Agbogidi as a cesspool of knowledge whose impact is still felt within the state and beyond even after he left active service. He praised him for his many contributions to the system which greatly improved the performance of the commission and the state government.

Comrade Jerry Nnubia, President, Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees, NULGE, and HOD, Njikoka LG, commended the organizers on the awards given to deserving workers in the commission, remarking that it would spur them into working harder.

In his speech, Agbogidi, on behalf of other awardees from the 21 LGs, described the event as unprecedented and humbling, noting that they were lucky to be the first set of recipients of such recognition. Thanking the boss of the commission, Agbogidi, who is presenting consulting with the Enugu State Government, urged the workers to rally round him to take the commission to greater heights.

Agbogidi’s contributions and legacies to the commission and the state are quite legendary. They include: assisting the state government and the 21 LGs through professional representations, guidance and practice in offsetting tax overcharges/excess FIRS tax burden of N1B reported to the Tax Audit of the local government between 2007 and 2014; a development that drew commendation from the governor. The records of the final Tax Debt Agreement from N1.3 Billion reduced to N300,000 Million signed by Agbogidi. The deal had long been executed and the State Government saved I Billion Naira with No cost paid for the financial services to him

He assisted the Local Government System/State Government in preparation and documentation of the financial statement annual accounts summaries of the 21 Local Governments for the period of 10 years (2008-2018) without charges. The records are in the Ministry for verification. He received commendations from the Ministry.

Agbogidi was the Chairman of the think tank committee of the LGSC, raising and contributing immensely to strategic administrative and policies issues of the commission. He was outstanding in the launched and trending productivity change initiative of the commission, as chairman.

He developed and advocated for the Anambra State Rural Transformation Strategy (ARTS). ARTS is a strategic option for the rapid economic and social development of rural areas through public private partnership and perfected the practice in the conceptualization design and completion of the UGA Billion Naira international market in Aguata L.G.

He is an accomplished project consultant and adviser and instrumental to the effective completion of many projects in health, education, market development and public infrastructure, among others in many local governments where he served.

Agbogidi received accolades from former Governor Chris Ngige in 2003 as the best revenue officer in Anambra State for his best efforts in IGR in the local government. He proposed the present electronic revenue collections system approved by former Governor Peter Obi in 2010 for the State.

He gave quality representations for the entire Anambra Local Governments/State in sensitive trainings/seminars for major policy changes like international public sector accounting standards, (PSAS) etc.

He received commendations for the serial administrative and financial trainings of all elected chairmen/councilors of the 21 local governments in 2013.

Anadi’s contributions in administrative practices, auditing, finance, among others, advanced the standards, procedure, regulations and best practices over the years and will continue to impact positively on the system. He served, excelled and made impact through many positions which include:

Revenue officer; Internal Auditor; Director of Finance; Head of Local Government Administration/HOS; Fellow, Chattered Institute of Bankers; Fellow, Certified National Accountants; Fellow, Chattered Institute of Fraud Examiners; Member, Chattered Institute of Stock Brokers; Vice President, Anambra State Justice of Peace; Best Staff Award, Anambra State Civil Service, 2017; and many other professional and Academic laurels.

His unpublished works, Fides learnt, will define the future patterns of Local Government Administration. They include: Reinventing Anambra Local Government System; Reducing Ghost worker syndrome in public service; Financing Local Government; making the Local Governments work; Anambra future developments and local governments.

Anadi is considered a reference point in administrative and financial questions in the system. He played an enviable role as an adviser and counselor to his colleagues and subordinates.

His bowing out of out of service in 2018 after 35 years meritorious service, no doubt signified the end of an era of astute management.

But the present LGSC, in acknowledgement of Anadi’s track record of achievements, deemed it necessary to therefore appreciate such an achieving retired officer in order to draw him and others like him closer to government as possible counseling windows for their counterparts and as instruments for future governmental engagements.

There is little doubt Agbogidi’s footprints will remain for a long time in all the places he had been