Adequate Repentance, Preparation,Vital for Fruitful Advent– Msgr Nzomiwu

By Ifeoma Ezenyilimba

An Awka Diocesan Catholic priest, Very Rev Msgr Prof John Paul Chukwuemeka (JPC) Nzomiwu, has tasked the people of God on adequate repentance and spiritual preparation for what he described as the third coming of Jesus, saying that the total repentance and preparation were vital for a fruitful Advent Season.

Msgr Nzomiwu gave the charge in his homily of the Holy Mass to mark the 2021 Second Sunday of Advent  at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Awka, last Sunday, December 5.

He explained that the third coming of Jesus Christ which was his coming in majesty was what the Church expected in Advent Season while Christ’s second coming was in mystery.

According to the priest, the faithful who received Jesus Christ in the sacraments of the Church such as Baptism, Holy Eucharist and Holy Matrimony, as well as those who visited him (Christ) in chapels of perpetual Eucharistic adoration, received him in mystery. He noted that at death, every human being would meet Christ in majesty.

Pointing out that Christ would judge the whole universe when he returned in majesty, the Catholic priest, advised all to prepare their lives, be in good relationship with each other and with God, so as to meet Christ in majesty at the point of their deaths.

Msgr Nzomiwu, who is also a professor of Religion and Human Society, described Advent as a season of retrospect, total repentance and conversion from all forms of sin so as to enable the faithful meet Christ in majesty.

He admonished those, who he said, were guilty of sin, to level what according to him were their crooked paths of lies, cheating, stealing, pride, stubbornness, immorality, fornication and bloodletting, among other immoralities, so as to prepare a straight part of holiness and virtue for the Lord.

‘Advent is a season of total repentance, spiritual preparation and waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in majesty. Christians who were called to be Christ-like should maximize this period of waiting, be in good relationship with God and one another, and keep away from immoralities so as to have a fruitful Advent Season,’ the papal chamberlain said.

Citing St Joseph, who described as a man of integrity, the Catholic priest tasked all faithful on what he described as a life of lasting trust in God. He observed that such life of trust would create an opportunity for God to take care of even their difficult situations and enable them to enjoy better lives.