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Welcome to Fides Media Ltd.

(the Social Communications Department of the Catholic Diocese of Awka),

Anambra State, Nigeria

Fides Media is a multi-media project and the publisher of the Fides Newspaper and the monthly Fides Bulletin.

Fides newspaper is outstanding for its uniqueness: grassroot orientation, people rather than interest oriented. It is pastoral, ecumenical, and independent, and a bona fide member of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) with its own Chapel, Fides Chapel. It has contributed immensely to human development, youth formation and skills, community information and education, and championing of professionalism and creative initiatives in media practice, journalism and communication, among others.

Fides Units

Fides, however, is much more than a newspaper. It was conceived as a multi-media project to be unfolded into multiple units. The following units have been developed over the years: 1) the Press/Newspaper unit, 2) Printing and Publishing unit, 3) Audio/Visual unit intended to be developed into Radio and Television Broadcasting, 4) Library/Museum, 5) Research/Documentation unit, 6) Outreach/Enlightenment unit, 7) Internet/E-evangelization unit, 8) Fides Fishery and Farms unit, 9) Fides Young Writers’ Forum (involving secondary schools within Anambra State and beyond), 10) Professional Engagement unit (that works with SIGNIS, CAMPAN, CAEAN, etc), 11) Branding unit (including car, T-shirt, Office branding, Plates & Mugs, Pin-Ups and Awards, etc).

Online Presence

Fides has a very visible online presence. Our fast growing SSL websites are: i) https://www.fidesnigeria.org for our newspaper, ii) https://www.fidesnigeria.com for our other publications and productions in printing, video, audio and photo (photo coverages, albums & photo books) services, farms & fishery, etc. and iii) https://www.smsfides.com, for our SMS and bulk SMS services. We have also developed creative initiatives into Google realities to boost our online presence, namely, Google My Business outfit, Awka Google Local Guides (Fides staff, Uche Enem, is the originator of Awka Google Local Guides), Google Street View & Maps, and Google Crowdsource (with Fides staff & Google Personnel, Uche Enem, as its Nigerian Representative and Admin). Its online presence in the social media includes Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.


Fides currently offers the following services: Printing, Publishing, Digital Colour Separation, Audio/Video Services (including event coverages, mass production of customized CDs/DVDs), Internet Services, Direct Imaging, Flex Printing & Branding Services (namely, car, T-shirt, Office branding, Plates & Mugs, Pin-Ups and Awards, etc)., Photo Services (including event coverages, professional album & photobook services, instant photo printing @ occasions, and 360 Virtual Tour services), Bookshop, Lamination, Bulk SMS (via our dedicated site, www.smsfides.com), Library (we have low cost library cards and airconditioned reading room), Canteen/Fast Food.


Fides staff strength is overwhelmingly young people.

In its current Management are: Rev. Fr.  Robert Anagboso – Director ,  Rev. Fr.  Pio-Anthony Okafor  – Deputy Director 1 , Rev. Fr.  Constantine Okoli    – Deputy Director 2 , Mr.   Jude Atupulazi  – Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Alexander Johnson Adejoh – Production Manager (PM).


Fides is located at No. 27 Archbishop A.K. Obiefuna Retreat/Pastoral Centre Road, Nodu Okpuno, Awka South Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria.

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Nodu, Okpuno: Archbishop A.K. Obiefuna Retreat/Pastoral Centre Road, Okpuno, Awka South LGA, Anambra State






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