A Lost Generation

By Jude Atupulazi

Given what happens all over the world today, it is difficult to fault anyone who concludes that this generation is already lost. Last Wednesday in my office, I was privileged to listen to the tale of a widely travelled guy who shared his experiences in some parts of the world with me regarding the plights of our young men and women who stay abroad.

At the end, I kept asking myself why many of our young people would rather go outside and suffer than stay here and earn a living in relative safety and comfort.

I’ve heard about people who sold lands and other property just to go abroad and, wait for it, hustle. It is as if they have ready-made jobs waiting for them there. No, they just go and begin to try their luck and once their visas expire, they go into hiding or begin to perennially dodge the police.

Those who can go out are compelled by circumstances to do all manner of menial jobs to stay afloat; the same jobs they could have done here in Nigeria but refused to do.

Those in Europe fare much better as the laws there protect Africans. But in Asian countries and the Middle East, you are virtually on your own. As far as they are concerned, you do not exist. When they hire you, they pay you peanuts while they make you to work like a slave.

Soon such slave labourers get frustrated and prefer to risk going outside to hustle. Such hustling can mean anything but basically it involves doing illegitimate business like selling alcohol where they are prohibited in countries such as Dubai, or pushing drugs.

In Dubai and China, for instance, you are likely to run into young Nigerians who beg to assist you in locating places where you can buy what you want at cheaper rates. They will ask you in the end to give them something to hold body and soul together as they can hardly afford feeding money.

According to my friend, to eat rice at a Dubai buka or what we know as mama put, costs an equivalent of seven thousand Naira. You can imagine how difficult it will be for those hustlers to afford such. Such young men usually rent a room where they are up to twenty. Their beds are double bunks which paint a picture of a school dormitory or prison.

Another thing they do, both in Dubai and in China, is to help you in carrying what you buy and to help to tie or wrap them up at the end of which you give them a tip.

For the women, what else is there for them to do than to prostitute? The worst scenario is when some of these women are tied under contractual terms that will require them to produce a stated amount of money to buy back their freedom. Such women’s passports are seized by those who contracted them and to pay back to regain their freedom, such women become desperate.

Such desperation makes them ready to do anything, including allowing men to defecate in their mouths. Yes, you read me right: they allow men to defecate inside their mouths.

The men who do this are perverts who derive sexual pleasure from defecating into the mouths of women. I’ve even seen a video of one such incident. They say this one gives the most money and is usually done by rich Lebanese, Indians and Dubai princes.

Those women who are sexed by dogs consider themselves lucky indeed as, to them, it is much better than eating the faeces of others.

The worst thing is that the victims cannot complain because they are not citizens and their papers have also expired. To complain therefore is to give themselves away. And for those under contract, any attempt to renege on, or breach the contractual terms, is usually dangerous as such people or their families can be killed, even when their families are here in Nigeria.

So you ask yourself; why should people leave their countries to go to others only to become slaves or be treated less than animals? Why should people sell their property just to face an uncertain future abroad? Do those who are doing everything to go there know what others who are there are passing through? The answer maybe yes and no.

The fact however, remains that our young men here are greatly influenced by the display of wealth by drug pushers when they come here. Such boys can go to a night club and buy wines that cost N500, 000 a bottle without batting an eye. It will not matter to those admiring them and seeing them as their role model that those boys are Yahoo Boys or drug traffickers. Indeed, it doesn’t matter to their admirers that those boys can also die any time or be jailed any time.

The story was told of a drug pusher who came home and paid the dowry of a maiden, with plans to return later for the wine carrying. The guy in question was rolling in cash. His friends would always gather around him over exotic wines. Life was simply good.

Then he returned to Brazil and never came back. Reason? The drugs he swallowed with a view to discharging them at an agreed place burst in his stomach and killed him. That was the end of a young man and his dreams of marrying.

We know of those whose heads and limbs were cut off in Asian countries after they were caught with drugs. There are also countless number of those scattered in various prisons across Europe, America and Asia. Those who see them as role models will not see these negative sides but will only be focused on making mega bucks.

It is this craving for mega bucks that is turning many young men into animals capable of doing anything. The other day I read a story of a young man who raped his mother at the farm because he was told it would make him get rich.

The mother, an Etsako woman, came back home, pretended it was nothing and lured the son into eating a poisoned food. He died. The mother did not hide the fact that she killed him. She told the police the horrible story of her rape and why she took his life.

According to the mother, ‘I didn’t have to argue with him since he threatened to kill me if I did or even attempted to reveal the act to anybody. So I made up my mind that such abominable, taboo and animalistic act, will not go unpunished.

‘When I got home, I behaved as if nothing happened but made him a very good dish that he always liked, mixed with local Otapiapia poison. I warned the other children strictly not to dare eat the food I reserved for him. He ate peacefully, apparently for the joy of the huge incoming cash and then died thereafter.’

The sudden death of the boy, according to reports, prompted the intervention of the police and the mother was said to have told the police in clear terms that she killed the boy.

‘There is no reason to keep you waiting and investigating, I killed the boy. Do you people force your mothers to sex? He threatened to kill me if I dared to talk. Can you attempt to make money by sleeping with your mother?’ she asked the police. All were shocked at the revelations of the raped mother.

Such is what we see today from children whose generation is already doomed. Children who abhor hard work and who always look out for quick fixes and easy money. While not ready to work, they are ready to steal from those who work. What a lazy and lost generation.

Ivory Towers of Bribery and Sex

A lot has been said and written about the rot going on on our campuses today concerning the sex for marks syndrome and also the extortion of students by lecturers in order to pass them in exams. Attempts by the various universities to stop this have not yielded much results and so the trend goes on.

Recently the country read about a lecturer at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, UNN, who, within four years of his appointment impregnated four female students of the institution.

Reports say he has been suspended by the University Management, pending investigation. However many want him prosecuted if found guilty.

There’s no denying the harm the sex for marks and sorting syndromes are causing in the ivory towers. Many female undergraduate students are exposed to such sexual advances and molestations in their respective institutions. And in most situations, they are helpless. Some are just too scared and afraid to come out to speak, thereby becoming traumatized and highly depressed.

Stories like this stare us in the face every day and until school administrations seriously take this up and rid institutions of this vice, lecturers like the one at UNN will continue to have a field day and that wouldn’t be good for society.

He may have been caught today but there are hundreds of others still working behind the scenes. An all-out war should be waged against such lecturers who are also part of the lost generation.