A Help Offered is Help Received

By Emmanuel Light Ogbogu

A young man’s mother was hospitalized. She was placed in intensive care. A few days later, the doctors told him that her condition was desperate; she could expire at any time. He left the hospital helpless. On his way back to visit his mother, he stopped at a gas station.

While waiting for the attendant to fill his tank, he noticed a lady begging with her two children all dressed in rags. They were really hungry. He thought: “who will help them in these circumstances?” then he went to a store and bought biscuits, opened the biscuit box and gave them, he continued his journey to the hospital. When he entered the Intensive Care Unit, his mother was not there.

He dropped what was in his hands, and rushed to ask the nurse, “where is she?” she said: “she suddenly got better, so we moved her to the next room.” He went to his mother, greeted her and asked her what had happened.

She said she saw as she was unconscious, a lady in an untidy outfit and her two children with their hands stretched out to heaven praying for her.”  Oh my God! The young man stood in amazement. He learnt the power of compassion and he also discovered that God does not joke with the good we do.

Just because he helped three suffering souls, his dying mother was spared! …. Giving alms stops calamities and breaks delay! No wonder proverbs 19:17 says: “he that hath pity upon the poor and giveth to him, lends to God and that which he gave will be rewarded back to him” … can you get that? EACH TIME YOU GIVE TO THE POOR (PHYSICALLY OR SPIRITUALLY), YOU ARE LENDING TO GOD and God becomes a “Borrower” wow! how can the Possessor of all things borrow from you! It is a mystery.

Remember what Jesus said in Matthew 25:40 “the king said to them, ‘I assure you and most solemnly say to you, to the extent you did it for one of these brothers of mine, even the least of them, you did it for me,” …. “each time you give to the poor God owes you something” …there are many ways people are in need help;

Emotionally you can help by your godly advice; Spiritually you can help by your prayers; Financially you can help by the financial help you offers…. In one way or the other find a way to help someone “YOU CAN HELP YOUR ANGEL ONE DAY AND THAT WILL BE A GREAT ONE FOR YOU!!!”. –here the book of proverbs recorded it that-whosoever stopped his at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry for help himself and not be heard.”

…. so from today try to be a blessing to someone in one way or the other and don’t demand payback! “do it as if you do it for God, and I tell you “THE HELP YOU OFFER TO SOMEONE WILL BE THE SOURCE OF THE HELP YOU WILL RECEIVE FORM GOD” be BLESSED as you remain a BLESSING to others! In Jesus name. Amen!!!

By Emmanuel Light Ogbogu

Writing from Enugwu-Agidi