70-year-old Woman Gives Birth To Her First Child

By Sunny A Ijomah

An Indian woman has given birth to her first child at the age of 70, after agreeing with her husband to undergo IVF treatment for the final time.

She is one of the World’s oldest first-time mothers, our correspondent reports.

Jivunben Rabari and her 75-year-old husband Maldhari proudly displayed their son whose name they did not reveal to reporters, claiming he was conceived through IVF.

Rabari revealed her age to reporters, making her one of the World’s oldest first mothers.

However, Erramatti Mangayamma, an Indian woman, is thought to be the oldest after giving birth to twin girls at the age of 74 in September 2019.

She and her Husband Rabari and Maldhari, who live in the small village of Mora in the Indian State of Gujurat, have been married for 45 years and have been trying for a child for decades.

They were able to conceive a child using IVF, which can be successful even after menopause.

“One of the rarest cases I have ever seen,” said the couple’s doctor, Naresh Bhanushali.

“We told them they couldn’t have a child at such an advanced age when they first came to us,” Dr. Bhanushali said, “but they insisted.”

They claimed that many of their relatives had done the same. This is one of the most unusual cases I’ve ever encountered.

Because most women go through menopause between their late 40s and early 50s, the chances of a woman in her 70s becoming pregnant naturally are virtually nil.

However, according to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), any woman of any age can become pregnant with medical assistance if she has a ‘normal uterus,’ even if she no longer has ovaries.

Medics use an egg donated by a much younger woman and fertilise it with a man’s sperm outside of the body.

Eventually, the embryo is placed inside the woman’s womb in the hopes that she’ll become pregnant.

There have been several instances of women into their 60s and 70s having children through IVF in India.

Mangayamma is believed to be the oldest woman in the world to give birth after welcoming twins through IVF aged 74.

Mangayamma gave birth to twin girls in a ‘medical miracle’ on September 5, 2019, following IVF treatments involving a donor’s egg and her husband’s sperm.

The pensioner, of Andhra Pradesh State, revealed she was inspired to try for a baby after her 55-year-old neighbour conceived.