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Restoring Confidence in Nigeria

A Statement of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria on the State of the Nation 1. Less than two years ago, from His throne, the Lord looked down upon Nigeria with mercy and compassion and then showed us how much He loved us. Against all odds, even when as a people we had almost given up on ourselves and the ...

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A Communiqué at the End of the Second Plenary Meeting of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) at Domus Pacis Pastoral Centre, Igoba, Akure, Ondo State, 8-16 September, 2016.

1.    PREAMBLE We, the Catholic Bishops of Nigeria, held our Second Plenary Meeting of the year at Domus Pacis Pastoral Centre, Igoba, Akure, from 8 to 16 September, 2016. Having prayerfully reflected on the issues affecting the Church and our country, we now present our Communiqué. 2.    EVENTS IN THE CHURCH In this Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, we express ...

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The Day I Was Killed Because of N200

Hmmmm, sounds quite strange isn’t it? Well, don’t freak out yet, I’ve got a story. A super interesting one. It all began with trying to grab an opportunity to pocket some unplanned quickie cash. But at the end of the day, (not trying to claim equality with Jesus) I died but resurrected. “Catch them young”, this is what the Bible ...

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Nigerian Economy on the Brink of Total Collapse

The Nigerian people have never had it so bad in the history of the country as an Independent Nation. The poverty scourge of monumental proportion is prevalent and wide spread which could be felt and smelt in all the Strata of society. The so-called middle class has completely been decimated. Only a few affluent and privileged class or those commonly ...

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Send us at Fides your parish or chaplaincy picture

Dear Msgri/Frs, do please send us your parish or chaplaincy picture to be used on the Fides website under your parish or chaplaincy name. You can see examples on our website, www.fidesnigeria.org and click on PARISHES or you go directly to the page by clicking on this url link: http://www.fidesnigeria.org/index.php/frontend/parish/displayparishes SEND THE PICTURE TO THIS E-MAIL: fidesmartin1@gmail.com or if you can send a hard or ...

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Gender Inequality and Unfairness Even in Sacrifice to God

Train a child the way she/he should go and when grown, she/he would not depart from it. It’s also found in the Bible; Proverbs 22: 6 and other various versions in religious and non-religious books, talks, articles, etc. Most times, when trained in the right way, kids rarely depart from it. Yet, what do we find in Africa and especially ...

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