Monthly Archives: July 2016

Brexit Undo: Not a Severe Reverse

The hysteria over the Brexit undo whilst understandable is hardly a severe reverse.  Certainly, that’s not the case for the UK; not for her allies, and not for the EU.  Indeed, what most EU folks worry about is not the loss of the UK, but the shakeup of presumed normalcy and contagion effect.  Many fear that the UK set a ...

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Living a Sense of Generational Mission

Reflecting on the significance of birthdays, Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez reasoned that ‘it is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old; they grow old because they stop dreaming.’ For Victor Chukwunonyelum Umeh who turned 54 on July 19 this year, the above words of the great Colombian writer must be of enduring interest. Umeh has ...

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