Monthly Archives: January 2016

I Remain Thankful Twenty-Two Years After

The only emotion I feel as I type these lines is gratitude to God, the author and finisher of my destiny. It’s been twenty-two years since I walked down the aisle with my dear husband. Twenty-two long years, gone by already. It’s actually supposed to be twenty-three years because our traditional wedding took place in 1992, but because my dear ...

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My Thoughts This Christmas

The season we have all been expecting is very much around. It is Christmas. Many people are coming home and many activities will be taking place. Such activities include wine carrying, weddings, chieftaincy title ceremonies, feasts and all manner of merriment. But amid these activities are the thoughts that I want to share; thoughts which cut across our national life, ...

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Enigmatic Donald Trump And American Politics

The recent outrageous and rather reckless statements credited to the controversial Republican Party front runner in the forthcoming Republican primaries in the U.S and billionaire businessman Donald Trump had once again taken the entire world by storm. Donald Trump the “Trumpeter”, who is well known for his highly undiplomatic and tactless utterances throughout his campaign trail for the highly exalted ...

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The Good, the Stupid and the Bad of the Yuletide

At long last the frenetic activities associated with the Yuletide are coming to an end. As you read this piece, many of those who stormed the state from their various places abroad are gradually going back to their bases, leaving me and you here to continue as we have always done, alongside those who may never go back because of ...

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Pilgrimage Centres

Be informed that the Diocese of Awka has mapped out pilgrimage Centres for the Year of Mercy, namely: Awka: St Patrick’s Cathedral Neni: St John’s Isuofia: St. Patrick’s Umunze: St Joseph’s Okpuno: Retreat Centre You are encouraged to participate inorder to obtain Plenary Indulgence (Chancellor)

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